iron ore concentrate price per ton

Iron ore concentrate price per ton, along with iron ore pellets and granulated iron ore daily updated by iron ore exporters. These three types of iron ore are the most important form of exporting iron ore in the world.

Iron ore concentrate is the primary ingredient in the production of iron pellets. Iron ore becomes an iron ore concentrate after the processing of raw ore. The Ore processing involves grinding, milling and condensing processes. After these steps, iron ore is obtained in the form of powder with a higher purity content that is in the range of 65-69%.
Iron ore concentrate price per ton for three qualities 65%, 66% and 67% are updated daily on the prices list by the iron ore concentrate plant. These three grades are the most important quality of iron concentrate supplied in international markets.

Iron ore pellet price today

Of course, as you know, iron ore concentrate can not be used directly in melting units because of its powdery shape and the fineness of its grain size. Therefore, it is required to undergo agglomeration and baking. The sum of the processes used to remove the concentrate from the powder coating is called pelletizing. The product is the iron ore pellet process.
The iron ore pellets have a direct usability that is suitable for long furnaces and converters. But it needs to be directly resuscitated for its ability to be used in electric and induction arc furnaces. Sponge iron is the product of direct reduction units. Iron ore concentrate is converted into sponge iron ore in the steps mentioned above, which can be used for these two kinds of furnaces, namely induction furnace and arc.

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