buyers of hematite iron ore

The buyers of hematite iron ore are in granular form, as well as granite magnetite iron ore, factories equipped with high furnace and converter. Granulated iron ore may be suitable for long furnaces, but not suitable for arc and induction furnaces.

As we have mentioned, we are able to know the factories like Isfahan Steel Mill, which are equipped with long furnaces, as the buyers of hematite iron ore and magnetite iron ore in granular form. Granulated iron ore can be used in long ovens. But this product has low purity for direct use in arc furnaces and induction furnaces, so it’s not a good option to choose a feed for these furnaces. In fact, granulated iron ore is only suitable for long furnaces and converters. Charging other furnaces is scrap iron and sponge iron.

Buyers of hematite iron ore in the export field

What we can get from customs statistics is that China is the main buyers of hematite iron ore and magnetite iron ore. What we can get from customs statistics is that China is the main buyer of hematite iron ore and magnetite iron ore. Iron ore buy from China is carried out at iron ore 52 Fe to iron ore 62 Fe. The countries of Iraq, Oman, India, and the United Arab Emirates are also included in the list of chambers of commerce for the purpose of Iran iron ore export.

Priority and ranking of countries based on the annual tonnage of iron ore are as follows:

  1. China
  2. Iraq
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Oman
  5. India

Sponge iron used in induction furnace

It has been argued that granulated iron ore can not be a suitable charge for induction and arc furnaces. The most important feed of these furnaces is, as we have said, iron scrap. Of course, the high price of scrap iron will push the factories to use raw materials such as sponge iron and iron briquettes. This product is the result of a direct reduction of iron ore that has undergone pelletizing process. In the following article I will talk more about sponge iron and its use in arc and induction furnaces.

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