World class steel studs Local Suppliers

Sheets-ferrous, the first type of World class steel studs that are in various industries were used, though nowadays, sheets of aluminum and copper, in stock and the market iron Tehran to significantly supply are, but never have been unable to replace the sheets of iron, especially in the construction and musical instruments, building requirements.

World class steel studs Local Suppliers

How much weight can steel studs hold?

How much weight can steel studs hold? In Iran, different factories of steel production and ferrous products supply iron sheet production among their products. The number of factories that produce these sheets are the country’s largest steel production complex that operates with a production capacity of 4 million tons per year. one of the country’s most important steel manufacturing factories. The factory, on the road, Ahvaz, Khorramshahr located and in accordance with operation license, etc.

the production capacity of the factory, the annual 840 thousand tons of sheet to a thickness of 25 mm. the first Iranian steel making plant is a direct revival method. For this factory, the production capacity of one million and five hundred and fifty thousand tons of steel per year is designed. Iran national industrial steel group located on Khorramshahr Road in Ahvaz, manufacturer of steel ingot, rebar, sheet, wire, iron beam and a variety of other products.

The factory produces all kinds of steel stud framing prices, cans, all kinds of sheet sheets, wide, shutters, sheet coils. All kinds of heating, gas, industrial, precision industrial and construction pipes are other products of this factory. rolling and profile factories: which was established and operated in 1354 to produce all kinds of steel pipe and profiles. The production capacity of this factory is 50,000 tons per year. All kinds of sheets, steel pipes, industrial, gaseous, all kinds of cans, rectangular, cans, formed a variety of profiles, corners and studs of the products of the factory.

Local Suppliers of World class steel studs

Local Suppliers of World class steel studs One of the best ways that applicants steel studs Bunnings of iron or dry pelletizing sponge, in order to prepare the main material, and the initial activities of smelting and steel to fall purchase of pelletizing iron directly, without intermediaries can be, in the sense that instead of referring to the intermediaries directly to pelletizing plant or exclusive dealers sell the products of this factory are referred pelletizing with a very reasonable price, Terry provide.

The sale of magnetite iron ore without intermediaries from the ports of Bandar Abbas and Chabahar and beader Imam to China is done every year. China is a big consumer of this product because of the massive steel chains in the world. Fortunately, direct sales from Iran and export to China to exporters of the steel industry, and providing the needs of main export, it is possible to profitability suitable for the steel industry, the country has provided.

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