World class steel cans Wholesale production

TP and TFS sheets are used in tin can production after varnishing. Metal cans can protect food from contamination from microorganisms, insects, or other foreign matter that could spoil or negatively affect the appearance or taste of the product. By maintaining the moisture of the food, it prevents the absorption of oxygen, gas or other odors or the effect of light and oxidation reactions. Also the cans have other advantages such as automatic filling and high speed capping, and the customer can easily store them and use them over time. For more information on world class steel cans wholesale production, visit our site.

World class steel cans Wholesale production

Different types of World class steel cans

Different types of World class steel cans Plates of different thickness are used in tin can production. If the sheet thickness is 23-24 mm, the cans can be made simply, and if the thickness is less, that is, about 20-20 mm, the body of the cans can be corrugated or concave. Firstly and get thicker. The first stage of cans production is the varnishing stage shown in Figure 3. The second step is to cut the sheets to the desired dimensions, regardless of the tension or in three parts.

The term 3-piece tin is used for both different sizes of tin cans and the commonly used 3-piece round cans. In the Aleppo example, first a rectangular shape is formed, and then the welding seam is welded in the welding machine. Aleppo is usually made by hand in sizes over a kilogram. Recently, 5 kg round Aleppo was automatically produced in the country.

To produce 3 round cans, the sheets are first rolled, then the weld seam is welded and then stitched in a capping machine in 3 stages. In canning factories, after the sheets, special lids are made on the lower and upper parts of the tin can. Uniform circles on the lid give both ends of the box a springy state so that when the inner pressure of the box increases during heat treatment these doors swell and consequently the pressure on the seam and soldered parts is reduced.

On the other hand, spring sensitivity The lid can show the inner rot of the can in the form of swelling, so that gases from the pressure or activity from the gases related to chemical reactions between the food and the wall of the container 100% of the decomposing microorganisms are easily visible and recognized at the edge Doors are installed after the rubbery liquid is formed. After drying, these materials form a hermetic (impermeable) seam between the double seam of the body and the fall.

The chemical composition of the base steel sheet will comply with the values ​​given in the section on the properties of impermeable metal containers for food storage. The consistency of the layer should be clear and suitable for the canning technique and the thickness of the layer and the volume and diameter of the can. Tin used to coat steel sheets must have a purity of at least 99.9. For more information on the steel cans cost visit our site.

Wholesale production of World class steel cans

Wholesale production of World class steel cans Wholesale production of World class steel cans is done by our company and we deliver this product to the customer at a fair and reasonable price. Therefore, you can refer to our site for more information about steel cans manufacturers.

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