World class iron pellet Exporting Countries

Iron extraction from ores is carried out under special conditions by physical, mechanical and chemical processes. In the first stage, the ore has to be concentrated in several processing stages, including crushing, grinding, screening, washing, using magnetic separator or flotation. To produce one tonne of iron in a blast furnace, 1.75 tonnes of iron ore, 750 kg of coal and 250 kg of limestone are required, which uses 4.5 metric tonnes of air. The air temperature in the middle of the oven is 1600 degrees Celsius. There are different methods for the production process such as blast furnaces. A blast furnace is a vertical furnace used in smelting plants to extract metal, especially iron, from ore. The blast furnace is considered to be the most original method of separating iron from iron ore. For more information on world class iron pellets, visit our site.

World class iron pellet Exporting Countries

What are iron pellets used for?

What are iron pellets used for? In the past, the price of iron ore was determined by negotiations between major mining companies and steel producers, and the price determined in these negotiations was a price index for the entire steel industry. But now the short-term data pricing system has replaced this annual pricing and the annual contracts of the world’s three largest mining companies are no longer closed. Many Australian and Brazilian mining companies have turned to short-term contracts. Prices in India are more cash, and some major suppliers have resorted to using the Metal Boltin or Platts price index.

Research now shows that global prices and supply and demand are the main factors influencing the selling price of the stone. Iron ore prices have been rising since January 2009, and the steel index for pure iron ore has risen from $ 70 to $ 190 per tonne of 62% dry Chinese CFR. One of the driving factors for the uptrend is the decrease in supply and the increase in demand at the same time. Since the price of iron ore is shown in US dollars as it is linked to the international rate index, fluctuations in the US dollar price also affect the iron ore price. If the price of the Indian rupee rises against the US dollar, the iron ore to rupee ratio will fall, and conversely, if the rupee loses value, the iron ore to rupee ratio will increase.

Import and export status Looking at the situation of iron ore imports and exports, we see that China has the world’s largest steelmaker and 44% of the world production, and continues to produce and import at the same time to meet its iron ore need. China’s demand for iron ore has a huge impact on the market for this raw material, and this is because China is not only the world’s second largest iron ore producer, but also the first importer of this important raw material. China’s import towers reached 619 million tons in 2010, a 1.5% decrease from 2009.

Of course, it should be noted that the amount of iron ore imports increased by 41.5 percent in 2009. The world’s largest consumer of iron ore is China, which needs 800 million tons. Australia and Brazil meet most of China’s demand, and India accounts for only 25 percent of China’s imports. For more information on iron pellets for sale, visit our site.

Exporting Countries for World class iron pellet

Exporting Countries for World class iron pellet Iran is one of the Exporting Countries for World class iron pellet and produces this product with the highest quality and exports it all over the country and to European countries, which also has good quality. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about iron ore pellet testing.

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