umetal iron ore price

Magnetite iron ore exports from Iran based on umetal iron ore price. Umetal is an indicator that is known to be among iranian traders of the steel industry.

Iron ore price fob

Umetal iron ore price, the price of iron ore delivery is FOB Bandar Abbas. The price indexation is based on the price of iron ore Umetal as follows:

  • The price of iron ore fob Bandar Abbas: is equal to the price of Umetal iron ore price.
  • The price of iron ore fob Bandar Emam: Two Dollars Under Umetal Iron Ore price.
  • Iron Ore Prices Delivery at the port floor: The price of Umetal iron ore with the deduction of the stafing fees.
  • Iron ore price in the mine: The price of Umetal iron ore with the deduction of the stafing cost and the cost of transportation from the mine to the port.

The price of iron concentrate and pellets is also carried out on trading transactions between the buyer and seller on this basis.

Sale of iron ore exports

In the sale of export iron ore in our transactions between Iran and other countries or between countries in the world market, the pricing index is often not Umtal, since the Uometal index is only known in Iran and is considered as an indicator for domestic export transactions. The price index of iron ore in the world is two indicators of metal bulletin and platts index.

Fortunately, in the platts index, pricing for iron ore and iron ore concentrate is done with a detailed reference to product analysis. How to set the price based on the chemical composition and physical properties of the product, with reference to the amount of penalties and rewards considered to change each percentage of the factor involved in the analysis is precisely raised. Therefore, the platts index can be considered as a comprehensive indicator for determining the price of iron ore in the iron and steel industry.

Magnetite iron ore for sale

Purchase of magnetite iron ore FOB of Imam port with regard to the development and exploitation of iron ore mines in the city of Zanjan, increased in the export sector. As we said, the price of iron ore delivered by the port of Imam is two dollars below the Umetal rate. Perhaps the reason for this is a question that has involved your mind. The main reason for this is the shipping cost. The cost of transportation from Imam Port to the ports of China, which has the most purchases of iron ore, concentrates and pellets from Iran, is often two to three dollars higher than shipping from Bandar Abbas to the main ports of China.

Two qualities of magnetite iron ore, which are ready for sale from the mines of industrial and mineral complexes of the Azerbaijan Sirmurgh Steel, are presented in the following section with the presentation of the analysis.

Iron ore 62 price

Magnetite iron ore with a purity of 61%, with a current capacity of 15,000 tonnes monthly, is ready to be traded and delivered continuously.

% 60 Fe magnetite iron ore for sale


Iron ore 67 fe price

Magnetite iron ore with 67 percent of high purity fine gradation zero to ten millimeter can be presented as a dry concentrate with a monthly capacity of twenty thousand tons of iron ore mines in Zanjan Simurgh Steel Complex are available.

Iron ore 67 fe price

Iron ore concentrate plant

The number of iron ore concentrate factories is developing with the development of iron ore mines in Zanjan. Iron ores extracted from high-purity mines, as we know, are used to produce granular iron ore. But a percentage of mined minerals is lower in minerals, the lower grade iron ore needs to be concentrated under the concentration process. In fact, the grinding process is sufficient to remove its impurities. The stage of washing and milling is a must. This has led to the development of mines in Zanjan, as well as mineralization and concentrating units.

The product of Iron Concentrate of Simorgh is three-grade which you can see below.

Iron ore concentrate plant

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