The best Steel billet export types in 2021

The second method of steelmaking is the use of electric furnaces and remelting of scrap iron and steel, where iron baskets are poured into the furnace. Due to the scarcity of scrap resources in the world and the increasing price in recent years, this method is used to melt sponge iron together with scrap in the furnace; Therefore, with the melting of scrap iron, a mixture of sponge iron and slag-forming materials such as coke, bentonite, lime and other additives is added to the smelter from the top of the furnace, and after sampling, impurities, especially carbon, are oxidized by adding oxygen. For more information on steel billet export visit our site.

The best Steel billet export types in 2021

How steel billet is made?

How steel billet is made? While the cost of the induction furnace method is high due to the use of electricity, electrodes and additives, there are two problems that cause these furnaces not to be used in Iranian steelmaking. The first problem is that the induction cooker cannot control oxygen well, which causes defects in the product, because the molten oxidation of the ferroalloy occurs due to the hookah molten oxygen. The second problem with this method is the desulfurization of the induction furnace.

Although the blast furnace method is used in the production of crude steel and slab in the world, it is justified that the electric furnace method is used in Iran for various reasons and that Khuzestan steel arc furnaces are among the valuable furnaces in the field of slab production. These four products are semi-finished steel products (intermediate rolled steel products) that must be processed in one or more stages to become a final product. The difference between these products is the size and shape of their cross section.
Bullion: This product is less than 2 meters in length and its dimensions have been optimized for the transport and storage of steel. Its cross-sectional shape is trapezoidal.

Billet or Shamshal : Unlike logs, the log is elongated and its cross section is circular or square with a width of less than 15 cm (or less than 230 cm2 in cross-section). Billets are obtained by direct casting, extrusion, or rolling ingots. Billets are mostly used to produce rebar and wire.

Bloom: If the width of the log is more than 15 cm (or its cross-sectional area is more than 230 cm2) it is called a flower and therefore these two products are usually placed in the same category (flower and log). ). Bloom, rails, beams, boxes, studs, shields etc. Used to make.

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Exporting high quality steel billet in bulk

Exporting high quality steel billet in bulk Exporting high quality steel billet in bulk is distributed by our collection all over the country and we export this product to other countries as well, so you can refer to our site for more information about steel billet in bulk.

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