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Metal boxes are actually used in the door and window making industry, building construction, etc. They are hollow rectangular or so-called box-shaped profiles used as boxes. Metal boxes are also called boxes. In another definition, metal boxes can be introduced as follows: A square or rectangular profile with a hollow section is called a box. For more information on Superior steel cans visit our site.

Superior steel cans Local Suppliers

Reasons for popularity of Superior steel cans

Reasons for popularity of Superior steel cans The production and manufacture of metal boxes is generally done by cold rolling method. The manufacturing process of these metal profiles is to cut the sheets into thinner strips with scissors at the first stage and then enter the forming machine and its face to look at the pressures. comes from the sides and turns into a pipe. Then they pass the sizing cylinders and take the shape of a box. Good weldability, high diversity, high surface quality, high formability and ease of use may be the main reasons these metal profiles are used in various industries.

When using tin, you should know that the outer surface of the tin cans produced by the hot rolling method is of higher quality compared to the buckets produced by the cold rolling method; However, using the cold rolling method will produce buckets with good surface quality and more accurate dimensions. The length and width of the cans are generally between 10 and 140 mm, and the thickness can be between 1 and 6 mm. The box is named to express first its length, then its width, and finally its thickness. Can production by direct method: In direct tin can manufacturing, steel sheet is formed in the form of gussets and tin boxes from the beginning. For this, first two end corners of the form sheet are created and in the next steps, the other parties can take the appropriate form.

Finally, the seams between the two ends of the sheet are welded together. After performing these steps, the dimensions of the boxes can also be changed by passing through different devices.

Indirectly can production: In the indirect method, the sheet is actually cut into thin strips and then passed through the forming machine. In the forming machine, the strips are turned into tubes and finally they are turned into tin boxes by passing through special rollers.

Box production by two methods: In the two-piece method, the flat sheet is formed into a groove using a press machine and after mating, their bodies are welded together to form a box. As mentioned, boxes are hollow steel profiles and therefore cannot be used in concrete structures and these steel sections are only used in metal structures. The use of tin can in metal structures causes high moment of inertia in both axes and directions and increases the strength of the structure. In addition to increasing the strength of structures and columns, the use of tin can in metal structures is also common in the construction of metal railings, doors, windows and stairs. For more information on steel cans supply visit our site.

Focal suppliers of Superior steel cans

Focal suppliers of Superior steel cans Our manufacturing company is one of the Focal suppliers of Superior steel cans and produces this product with quality raw materials and distributes and distributes it at a good price throughout the country. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about steel cans wholesale.

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