Superior steel cans Local Suppliers in 2021

Metal cans of all shapes and capacities are called metal packaging. The metal can types used in metal food packaging are shown. The metal canister, which consists of two parts, including the body and head with integrated base, is called a two-piece canister. In this type of tin, the head is attached to the body by double stitching. This type of tin can is made by drawing and shaping metal sheets. Therefore, in this type of tin, the body and the base are the only parts that do not have a body seam. The inner and outer protective coating of this type of cans must be resistant to the stress and abrasion that occurs. For more information on Superior steel cans Local Suppliers in 2021, visit our site.

Superior steel cans Local Suppliers in 2021

The brief introduction to Superior steel cans

The brief introduction to Superior steel cans Metal can consist of three parts, body, cap, and the base is called a three-piece tin can. The seam of the can body is usually connected by electrical welding. Double stitch Matching and pressing the head or base of metal cans, the rear edge of the head or floor, and the curved edge of the body, it is called double stitching to the body in two stages.

Body stitching The glued part of the two sides of the body sheet is in three-piece containers made by bonding with polymer adhesives, electric welding or any other suitable method. Soldering should not be used to make tin cans used in food packaging. In this type of tin cans, the lower part is the door closed by the tin can maker, and the head is the door closed by the food filling. In three-piece cans, the inside of the body seam should be completely coated with appropriate food varnish or food grade sewing powder to protect against corrosion. Round neck tinplate They are called round buckets that do not have the same diameter and top.

cans are named by brand name or by diameter and height. The capacity of the cans for a given diameter depends on their height.

The base steel sheet used to produce tin-plated sheet metal is a special alloyed low carbon steel produced by continuous casting. This steel, which is transformed into a long strip of steel sheet in the hot rolling process, is reduced to the desired thickness in various cold rolling processes, and mechanical properties such as hardness and tensile strength are determined by continuous stack annealing methods. For more information on steel, cans trade visit our site.

Local Suppliers of Superior steel cans

Local Suppliers of Superior steel cans Our manufacturing company is one of the Local Suppliers of Superior steel cans and delivers this product to the customer at an affordable and up-to-date price, and also exports to other countries. Therefore, you can refer to our site for more information about steel cans sale.

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