Superior steel angles global market

Steel angle bar, also called angle iron or steel angle iron, was originally made of hot rolled carbon steel or low strength alloy steel. The all-purpose angle steel iron has an L-shaped cross section with two bases – unequal or unequal and the angle will be 90 degrees. The angles of metal structures come in many sizes to suit your applications. Special sizes are also available. For more information on the superior steel angles global market, visit our site.

Superior steel angles global market

The specifications of Superior steel angles

The specifications of Superior steel angles We generally have two types of source arrays, one welded knee and the other Manisman knee joint. In the welded knee type, the two edges of the stainless steel sheet are melted with an electrode or amp with a strong current and the edges are welded together. A hole is drilled in the middle of a Manisman welded knee type stainless steel cylinder. To produce different types of steel welding strings, two methods of producing hot rolling and cold rolling are used. Hot rolling welding production process: This method uses a device called a mandrel.

First of all, the pipes are cut in suitable dimensions and in the next stage, they are put into the mold where the mandrel is used to pass the pipes through the mold. Rod shaped molds are placed in the furnace and give a suitable shape to the inserted pipes. In this method, the quality of the product is better than the cold rolling method, but the production process has a low speed and if we want to compare it with the cold rolling method, it is more expensive in terms of cost. Cold rolling welding production process: This process is also known as forging.

In this process, the welding sequence is produced by using the mandrel and the matrix, and the cut pipes are entered into the mold with a mandrel and a hydraulic press. This method has a number of shortcomings and disadvantages, such as the heterogeneity of the welded knee surface, the reduction in the size of the pipes to standard size at the time of molding, and the possibility of cracking after use due to poor quality. there is.

Knee application:

Various applications of elbows are as follows:

  • Elbows are used in gas flow lines, liquids of industrial processes, pharmaceuticals, construction and many other special applications.
  • Elbows are structures made of heavy materials for applications such as resistance to very low or high temperatures.
  • Elbows are specially designed for use in process and control systems, tools and equipment used in chemical, petroleum, liquid, electronics and pulp and paper mills.

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Global market of Superior steel angles

Global market of Superior steel angles Global market of Superior steel angles is growing well because it has many applications and has fans in many other countries, you can visit our site for more information about the price of this product and the weight of steel angles.

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