Superior sponge iron Local Suppliers

Sponge iron used in the production of iron and steel, you can get the best model of sponge iron in the domestic market from the supplier with a reasonable price and excellent quality. For more information about Superior sponge iron, visit our site.

Superior sponge iron Local Suppliers

What is the difference between pig iron and sponge iron?

What is the difference between pig iron and sponge iron? Nowadays, the use of sponge iron has lowered the cost of iron and steel production, so its use is very economical for iron and steel producers. Scrap shortages and environmental problems have led iron and steel producers to use sponge iron. Use 50% sponge iron instead of 100% scrap iron for the production of iron. Also, the use of the Midrex method in their manufacture, which is gas based and because the cost of gas is much lower than that of electricity, has resulted in the production price for this product falling.

It has become a gas oriented country because of US sanctions, and despite its huge gas reserves, it has created a very good opportunity for this industry. One of the most important indicators of the quality of sponges is the high quality and purity of medium grade sponge iron. The quality of sponge iron is between 85% and 95%, which makes it possible to produce iron of higher quality. In the manufacture of iron with medium sponge, high quality iron ore was used due to the degree of purity and quality of the iron sponge.

If you are looking for a high-quality medium-sized sponge iron at a cheap and reasonable price, it is better to contact those who work in this field and use their comments and suggestions to buy this product successfully and with quality. Miyaneh sponge iron is one of the best and highest quality sponge iron samples in Iran. If you want to buy this product at exceptional and incredible prices, as well as below the market price, you can buy it.

The main advantage of providing medium sponge iron is that you can take advantage of the supplier’s discounts of this product due to the purchase in high quantity and tonnage, so that you can order your desired product with the same high quality by paying a lower price than pay the price market price. And buy. Please visit our website for more information on the sponge iron process formula.

Focal suppliers of Superior sponge iron

Focal suppliers of Superior sponge iron Our manufacturing company is one of the Focal suppliers of Superior sponge iron and delivers this product to the customer at a good price and we even export it to other countries. Therefore, for more information about sponge iron price, you can visit our site.

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