Superior iron ore global market

Of course, there are issues and problems arising from sanctions to communicate with Iranian exporters and send shipments. Unfortunately, Iranian iron ore has been offered at a lower price than the world price. This is due to the risk that international traders incur in dealing with Iran. For more information about Superior iron ore global market, visit our site.

Superior iron ore global market

What is iron ore called?

What is iron ore called? The sale of magnetite iron ore without intermediaries is made with the analysis you see. Of course, the cargo is ready to be transferred to Bandar Imam. SG analysis was provided for a tonnage of 12,450 tons for the last shipment from Imam port to China in March 2016. You see the SGS verified analysis page. As can be clearly seen, the percentage of iron in the whole product is in the range of 60-61%. Impurities such as phosphorus and sulfur are very low. Fortunately, the mined product is of acceptable quality and purity and allows us to mineralize the product and deliver it in high quality.

The monthly supply tonnage of this product is currently 15,000 tons per month due to the special conditions of the mine that installed the concentrate unit. Fortunately, the low percentage of impurities in the product makes it very suitable for export. You can see the daily prices for magnetite iron ore and hematite with 54% – 62% grade for both types in the table below. The price of 65 to 67% iron ore concentrate is between $ 77.6 and $ 80.5 per ton, respectively. The price of iron ore pellets in the market is rising with the growth of iron ore and concentrate prices.

Demand for iron ore pellets is very high. In some cases, factories that manufacture and supply this product have pre-sold iron pellets. A number of large factories with their own steel production chains also reduced their sales due to the increased production of steel products. In addition, the amount of sponge iron production in Iran in May 2019, corresponding to May 1398 in solar year, is also important and approximately 7.6%.

Iron pellets are raw materials for sponge iron production. In fact, sponge iron is obtained by direct reduction of iron lumps. Therefore, together with the increase in steel product production, the increase in sponge iron production is another issue that limits the sales and supply of iron pellets. For more information on iron ore minecraft, visit our site.

Global market of Superior iron ore

Global market of Superior iron ore Global market of Superior iron ore Due to continuous sales and production and replacement of cargo, the price of the day is at your service, dear ones, based on the latest changes in iron ore prices on the Peltz site and of course logistics costs in Iran and Umetal price conditions. Bandar Abbas, Bandaramam و, we will estimate the price and announce it up to date. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about iron ore uses.

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