Superb steel ingots export business

Rolled steel intermediates include ingots. This product is produced in two forms: bat and bloom. Steel blocks, which are produced in the form of billets, are also called blocks and have a round or square cross-section. The billet has a width of less than 15 cm and a diameter of less than 230 cm square, and is therefore mainly used for the production of reinforcing bars and wires. Steel blocks that are produced in the form of flowers are also called blocks. Bloom also has a diameter of less than 230 cm2, but the width is more than 15 cm2. Bloom steel blocks are often used for the construction of train tracks, shields, studs, cans, beams. Visit our site for more information on Superb steel ingots.

Superb steel ingots export business

Where can you get steel ingots?

Where can you get steel ingots? In our country, Iran, iron bars are produced in electric and induction electric arc furnaces. A melting furnace is by definition a device (unit) that has the ability to generate the heat required to melt a certain weight of metal or alloy at the required speed and at an acceptable cost. The choice of furnace is determined by cost, metal quality, production needs and alloy type. The flexibility of the furnace in different conditions is an advantage for different types of production.

Furnaces are divided into three groups in terms of application: Preheating, melting and preserving and in terms of energy consumption in two main categories (fossil fuels, electric heating). On the other hand, iron and steel are produced in electric arc furnaces. Iron ingots are used to produce beams, wires, various types of simple and gear reinforcing rods, angles and studs.

The production of these factories is offered in two ways; Domestic sale of iron bars and its supply on the commodity fair, export sale of iron bars. Domestic sale of iron ingots and their delivery at the commodity exchange Usually, the abovementioned producers offer their products weekly, in two or three stages, by setting the basic selling price of the commodity fair and following the instructions of the Ministry of Silence. The main customers are the country’s large mills and so the main mills supply the raw materials for rolling mills. Delivery of blocks in batches from two to ten thousand tons and can be increased up to three times. For more information on steel ingots for sale visit our site.

Export business of Superb steel ingots

Export business of Superb steel ingots Export business of Superb steel ingots was growing well because they are well priced and exported to other countries at a good price, so you can visit our site for more information on uses of steel ingots.

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