Superb Steel billets Sales growth

As mentioned, to produce any type of steel product, a type of ingot must be used. Of course, here we refer to the important issue that the products that are produced by using ingots are all produced by hot rolling process. This means that first the ingots, which are previously delivered to the production plant in the form of cast steel parts, are heated in furnaces up to 900 ° C and prepared for the production of hot rolled sections and products. Ingots are mostly classified based on their dimensions. What is more, different products can be produced from each of the ingots. For more information about Superb Steel billets Sales growth, visit our site.

Superb Steel billets Sales growth

Why is steel billet so expensive?

Why is steel billet so expensive? Plates or slabs are the most well-known type of ingot. The dimensions of the board are such that its width is significantly greater than its thickness. For this reason, it is called a plate. Actually, this nugget has a flat shape. It is clear that it is the best option for the production of products such as sheet steel. The log, also called an ingot in Persian, has a square section (due to its similarity to one of the construction tools called ingots). Due to the equal edges of the billet, it is very suitable for solid profiles.

When the molten slab passes through the rolling mills, it can be placed in the most central part of the die so that the most molten part of the slab becomes the desired cross section. This allows the mechanical properties of the product to be distributed evenly throughout the production. Blooming ingots are very similar to slate. However, since the ratio of width to thickness cannot be considered as an important number, it is practically outside the classification of plates. In terms of its cross-sectional shape, it is practically similar to a slab, but closer to a slab in terms of width-to-thickness ratio.

Suitable for open sections such as ingots, studs and corners. When we want to talk about steel quality or steel ingot material, we must first determine the standard we want. As we know, Zobahan has a Russian system in our country. This is why the standard used in ingots is strictly one of the Russian standards. Russian standards are distinguished by the GOST feature. The letters of the word GOST are taken from the following words. The Russian standard number specified for the production of steel ingots is 380. This means that the requirements specified in this standard are observed in the production of steel ingots in Iran. For this reason, it is necessary to see what is mentioned in the mentioned standard regarding the steel material used in ingots. For more information on steel billets manufacturers visit our site.

Sales growth of Superb Steel billets

Sales growth of Superb Steel billets Sales growth of Superb Steel billets is very good because it has a good price and the many knives of this product have affected its further sales growth. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about prime steel billets.

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