Superb Steel billets Sales growth in 2021

More than 90% of the iron ore mined in the world is used in blast furnaces. In this method, iron ore is poured into the blast furnace with coke and lime after pre-fired and pelleted, and crude iron or cast iron is obtained. The crude iron is then converted into molten steel in the converter. Crude steel impurities such as carbon are then separated with oxygen to form crude steel. For more information on the growth of Superb Steel billets sales in 2021, visit our site.

Superb Steel billets Sales growth in 2021

What Is Steel Billet?

What Is Steel Billet? The molten steel is removed to the casting unit after impurities are separated by molten transport containers. The molten material is then poured into the ingot molds in the casting unit and placed on a roller and cooled by spraying water. After cooling, the steel ingot is cut to the desired length. Arc furnaces (EAF) and induction furnaces (IMF) Scrap iron is poured into special arc furnaces in special baskets. Sponge iron is then added to the furnace from above with slag forming materials such as coke, lime, bentonite and…. After these materials are added, sampling, oxygen blowing, homogenization and analysis are performed to transform the materials in the furnace into molten steel. The molten steel is removed to the casting unit after impurities are separated by molten transport containers.

In casting, molten material is poured into a container called a tundish. Then they put it in a round copper mold and put it on a roller and cool it by sprinkling water. Then the frozen ingots obtained are cut into desired lengths. The condition of steel in Iran and the annual production of various types of steel profiles such as rebar and… is fortunately good due to the presence of large iron mines in many regions and provinces. A large number of steel mills are currently operating in Iran. Large companies such as Khuzestan Steel and Mobarakeh Steel are prohibited from sourcing the iron ingots they need.

Of course, news on the steel market indicates that medium and finished steel products exports are improving. Among the product range, steel ingots are also export products. The fluctuations in steel prices in the world market recently caused an upward trend in steel ingot prices in the Iranian market. As you know, the recent incident involving the Vale Company of Brazil mine caused an upward movement in the world iron ore price chart, followed by the price of scrap iron and therefore steel. This global volatility has had an impact on the price of steel ingots on the Iranian stock exchange and the Iranian open market. For more information on stainless steel billets, visit our site.

Sales growth of Superb Steel billets

Sales growth of Superb Steel billets Sales growth of Superb Steel billets in our collection has grown well because our exports to other countries have increased greatly. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about prime steel billets.

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