Superb sheet steel Wholesale production

The sheets produced in the hot rolling unit are called black sheet. These sheets are produced by reducing the thickness of the steel plate by rolling in the hot rolling unit. So actually black sheets are the product of hot rolled or so called hot rolled sheets known as black sheets because of their opaque and dark appearance. For more information on Superb sheet steel Wholesale production, visit our site .

Superb sheet steel Wholesale production

Different types of Superb sheet steel

Different types of Superb sheet steel The first hot work performed on most steel parts is hot rolling in the temperature range T> 0 .5Tm . The most important thing that distinguishes hot rolling from cold rolling is its temperature . Cold rolling is carried out in the temperature range .

Black sheets or hot rolled sheets are supplied to the consumer market in the form of coils and sheets and are available in two types : ordinary and industrial, in various construction applications, construction of steel structures, automobiles, tanks, tankers and cylinders, shipbuilding, dams, pipes, heavy machinery body construction . are used in industrial parts making and various other industries . St 37 steel is a high quality mild steel that falls under the category of structural steels. In addition to St 37, other standards such as St 52, St 44 and St 60 (or according to the new DIN EN standards S275, S235 and S355, etc.) A 285, A 573 and A 36, API 5L standard, Japanese standard G 3132 for pipe making sheets from SPHT 1 to SPHT 4 and other standards for hot rolled steel sheets are produced.

The main producers of black sheet in our country is our production group and the production process of light steel in our company is as follows:

The slabs are transferred to the hot rolling unit and, after being heated in preheating and descaling furnaces to 1280 ° C, they are rolled in the first and last rolling mills and finally their thickness reaches 1.5 to 16 mm . shape of the coils . The dimensional properties of hot coil are between 1.5 and 16 mm, width between 650 and 1850 mm, product packaging weight between 5 and 30 tons, and surface smoothness less than 85IU with black steel surface quality . For more information on steel sheet weights, visit our site .

Wholesale production of Superb sheet steel

Wholesale production of Superb sheet steel Wholesale production of Superb sheet steel by our company is possible and we distribute this product all over the country at a good price . Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about steel sheet bunnings .

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