Superb iron pellet Wholesale Supplier

Various metals are used in various industries today. But undoubtedly, one of the most important metal types used is iron. Iron ore is extracted from defined mines and used to produce various metal structures after being processed and refined. Today’s advanced industries and civilizations largely require steel and cast iron structures made of this stone. For more information Superb iron pellet visit our site.

Superb iron pellet Wholesale Supplier

What is iron pellet plant process?

What is iron pellet plant process? Iron ore obtained from mines is of low quality and must be refined. After the iron ore is mined, it is first prepared in several stages to be processed and imported into the furnace. These steps include crushing, grinding, sieving and then washing. Finally, the quality is increased to approximately 65-60% by using the flotation method or using magnetic separators. The resulting stones are then cut to a size of 6 to 25 mm so that they are suitable for loading into the furnace. In furnaces called blast furnaces, concentrated iron ore, limestone and coking coal are exposed to high temperatures.

Then the metal is melted with the flow of heat and coke gases. Molten iron and dough from rock impurities are gradually discharged from the furnace. In this system, the furnace is constantly loaded with new pieces of metal ore and molten iron is formed from it. The product processed in this furnace is cast iron used in some industries. However, most metal building and metalworking industries need a very durable form called steel. Therefore, cast iron is reworked to obtain the required steel.

The furnace temperature also reaches 1925 degrees Celsius and the output of the furnace is molten iron with carbon monoxide gas. The reaction inside these furnaces is also known as direct reduction. It is a reaction in which primary iron ore is reduced with solid or gaseous reducing agents. Finally, the product of this reaction is called cast iron or steel, depending on the percentage of carbon in it.

Significant strength, abundance of primary resources and mines, ease of processing and smelting, and affordability are the main reasons for iron ore use. Therefore, the processing of this stone is used to produce anything that requires metal. Its main uses include the construction of bridges, machinery, railways, construction equipment, household appliances, and various types of industrial equipment.

Various types of iron are also used in the automotive industry and in the manufacture of combat tools and equipment. According to statistics, about 98% of the iron ore mined worldwide is used to produce steel and construct steel structures. Various and dispersed iron ore applications were also reported. Including use in concrete and cement production, drilling mud, coal washing and some pigments. For more information on iron pellets for sale, visit our site.

Bulk supplying of Superb iron pellet

Bulk supplying of Superb iron pellet Bulk supplying of Superb iron pellet is done by our company and our collection distributes this product with wholesale and affordable price all over the country. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about iron ore pellet testing.

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