Superb iron ore Wholesale Supplier

An overview of the effectiveness of this essential element reveals its constructive role; Because in addition to its application in sheet metal, construction, bridge construction, etc., it is one of the basic commodities in the automotive, shipbuilding and locomotive industry, and in the form of various alloys is the basis of the machine technology. Visit our site for more information on Superb iron ore.

Superb iron ore Wholesale Supplier

What are the main ores of iron?

What are the main ores of iron? In the Swedish Iron Age, a Swedish-made ax was found in Gotland, which underwent a rapid shift in the conversion of bronze tools and weapons into iron from the 10th to 12th centuries in the Middle East. The main factor in this shift was not the sudden start of advanced ironworking technologies, but the main factor was the disruption of the tin supply. This period of displacement, which took place at different times and in different parts of the world, created a period of civilization called the Iron Age.

The first iron ax dates back to 3000 BC, in a Sumerian tomb in the city of Ur, south of Mesopotamia, showing that the human use of iron began around 3000 BC, mainly in Egypt and Assyria, China and India. In the beginning, humans used natural iron, which was obtained in the form of iron ores of varying degrees of purity, but there is another view that at that time humans used meteorites as the purest iron. The use of pure iron became possible around 1300 BC, when it was suspected that pure iron was accidentally extracted from coal due to the intense heating of mineral rocks, iron was also extracted by heating glaciers and charcoal. Simultaneously with the replacement of iron with bronze, the carburization process was discovered, in which carbon was added to the iron available at that time. The iron was recycled into a sponge, a mixture of iron and slag with some carbon or carbide.

The slag was then hammered out and the carbon content oxidized to produce soft iron. The stage of iron extraction from natural iron compounds evolved over time until the first modern iron extraction furnace, known as the channel furnace, was unveiled. This oven has a firebox with dimensions of 75 × 60 × 60 cm. The evolution of this phase reached the point that today large mining and steel mills with a capacity of several million tons have been established. Visit our site for more information on iron ore uses.

Wholesale Supplier of Superb iron ore

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