Superb iron ore Price Fluctuation

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Superb iron ore Price Fluctuation

What are the main ores of iron?

What are the main ores of iron? Fluctuations in iron ore prices are evident due to changing conditions in the markets of the consuming and producing countries. Usually there are daily fluctuations. Depending on the situation, we may experience upward fluctuations every day or prices may change. Now that we are on May 28, 2019, the fluctuation in iron ore prices is now upwards. With the breakdown of the tailings dam of the Vale Valley mine in Brazil, the upward trend in iron ore, concentrate and pellet prices and, accordingly, steel products and scrap iron prices started and continues since the beginning of 2019.

Two issues are one of the main reasons why iron ore prices continue to rise. We are now facing decreasing stocks and summer in Chinese ports in the spring. It is during this period that the construction booms. Increasing steel production and rising demand for iron ore are statistically analyzed in the third case and is one of the main reasons for the price increase, which coincides with the decrease in stocks at Chinese ports. Iron ore inventories at Chinese ports continue to decline at a rate of 3 million tons per week. If this trend continues, port stocks are expected to reach below 100 million tons in August.This maintains the tense environment in the iron ore market as well.

  • 2. Possibility of breaking the tailings dam of Gongo Soco mine, owned by Brazilian company Vale, recently announced by this company. This has been another driving force behind the price increase.
  • 3. On the other hand, recent reports, including the performance reports of 66 countries published by the World Steel Association, show a high acceleration in steel production. In fact, this equates to high purchasing power for pre-production steel products such as iron ore, iron concentrate and pellets. World steel production growth was about 6.5% in April. In the first four months of 2019, the production rate was about 4.8%. As you can see, production is accelerating.

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Price changes of Superb iron ore

Price changes of Superb iron ore Price changes of Superb iron ore has also gone up. As you know, Iran is one of the suppliers of some of the iron ore needed by China, as well as countries such as Iraq and.. Therefore, changing global conditions in this industry and fluctuations in iron ore prices will simultaneously have a direct impact on the price of Iranian iron ore exports.

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