Superb Hot rolled steel Global production

Rolling is the most widely used method of forming metals, which is done through large and small rollers. The rollers are rotated in the opposite direction by the motors, so that if the ingot is guided between them, it passes through the gap between the rollers, and as a result, the body becomes wider and longer. Rolling itself is done in two ways, cold rolling and hot rolling, each of which has its advantages and is used depending on the conditions . Superb Hot rolled steel is produced worldwide today.

Superb Hot rolled steel Global production

How Hot rolled steel is made?

How Hot rolled steel is made? Hot rolled steel usually has simpler steps than cold rolled steel. In hot rolling operations, the thickness of the inlet metal is slightly reduced. The process is such that the two rollers rotate in opposite directions and the inlet metal goes to the roller bearing by a rail that is directed towards the rollers, resulting in an increase in metal length and a decrease in thickness.
As the name implies, hot rolled steel is hot rolled at relatively high temperatures of about 926 ° C . This high temperature makes the steel deform easily . Hot rolled steel is usually of lower quality than cold rolled steel . The reason is also clear, cold rolled steel has several additional steps compared to hot rolled. The beauty and smooth surface of cold rolling is another feature of cold rolling, but hot rolling is usually black.
One of the important factors in hot rolling is the friction between the roller and the metal surface, sometimes the friction between the two may be such that the rollers slide on the material. hot rolled steel plate is less thick than cold rolled steel sheet, so hot-rolled steel prices is much cheaper than cold rolled steel

Global production of Superb Hot rolled steel

Global production of Superb Hot rolled steel The iron and steel industry is one of the largest industries in the world, whose annual production can have potential impacts on global markets. Analyzing and predicting changes in this market has always been an attractive topic for experts; Because it plays an essential role in the growth and development of developed and developing countries. In our country, the existence of such an industry causes the progress and growth of our country.

China has long been the world’s leading iron and steel producer, producing more than half of the world’s crude iron and steel annually . As the world’s largest producer of iron and steel, China produces iron by blast furnace (OBC) and electric furnace (EF) methods, with the blast furnace method being the most widely used.

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