Steel slabs Wholesale Market in 2021

Hot-rolled sheets (black sheet) are the best-known steel sheets, which, depending on the type, are used in various industries such as construction, tanker, automotive, special tanks, shipbuilding and heavy metal industries and in various industries. The most common type of black plate is ST 37 in terms of quality, which is moderate in terms of hardness and flexibility. For more information on steel slabs wholesale in 2021, please visit our website.

Steel slabs Wholesale Market in 2021

How is steel slab calculated?

How is steel slab calculated? Some steel sheets also belong to the hot (black) group. These are stretchy and can be used to build ship hulls and heavy machinery. This group usually includes blades that are softer in terms of flexibility, including DD11, DD12 and DD13, and STW22 and STW 24. These have high hardness and less flexibility for applications such as the manufacture of pressure pipes and oil tanks, etc. with the SPHT1 standards -SPHT2-SPHT3-SPHT4 and sheet metal A285 with class GR C (C) with 90 A596 with class GR 55 to 90 is used for pressure vessels and high-pressure cylinders.

Dimensions of the heating plate Black leaf comes in two forms: roll and leaf (of course, up to a thickness of 15 miles it only comes in two forms of roll or leaf, and from a size of 15 miles it enters a market only as raw sheet metal.) Both. These two forms of sheet metal can be cut into different sizes. Oil leaf (cold leaf) Cold sheet, also called oil sheet, is another type of steel sheet made using cold rolling technology. The reason for naming cold sheets as oil sheets is a slang term based on the appearance of this type of sheet. Look In this process for the production of oily sheet metal, sheets of high thickness are converted into smaller thicknesses by rolling. In this method, due to the use of cold rolling, the appearance quality of the rolled sheets is excellent.

For this reason, oil sheets are mostly used in applications where the sheet forms the appearance of the body. Cold sheets are divided into several general categories depending on the type of alloy and the heat treatment performed on them. Common sheets (like ST12), semi-stretch sheets (like ST13), and super-stretch sheets (like ST14) are examples of types of oil sheets.

Among the imported sheets from Russian and Kazakh oil sheets, they are widely and widely used in the Iranian market. For more information on the steel slabs price please visit our website.

Bulk marketing of steel slabs

Bulk marketing of steel slabs Bulk marketing of steel slabs is done by our company and we deliver this product to the customer at a good price. Therefore, you can refer to our site for more information about steel slab manufacturers.

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