Steel slabs price in 2020

steel slab for kitchen is the best steel that you can use for your kitchen . steel slabs price is cheap and high material . steel slab design is very beautiful and great .The reason for naming these steels as stainless steel is that, unlike ordinary steels, they do not stain or rust in the face of air and moisture. Stainless steel is an alloy of iron with at least 11% chromium (Cr). Chromium in steel provides protection or corrosion protection (Passivation). The reason for this property is the formation of a very sticky layer of chromium oxide with a thickness of approximately 100 angstroms on the surface of stainless steel, which oxygen in the air is enough to create it. In stainless steel, which contains only chromium and has no other alloying elements (Straight Chromium Alloys), this oxide layer has a Cr2O3 composition, and in steels with other alloying elements, a combination of their oxides, which usually stabilizes it in chemical environments. To turn.

Vegetation property increases with increasing percentage of chromium. The minimum percentage of chromium to form a protective layer is 10.5%, in which case stainless steel is only resistant to the normal atmosphere

Steel slabs price in 2020

What are steel slabs used for?

What are steel slabs used for? . When the percentage of chromium is increased to 25 to 30%, the main properties of stainless steel, ie corrosion resistance, increase and oxidation resistance reaches its maximum. Vegetation is a temporary and unstable state of stainless steel, the stability of which in addition to the composition of steel, depends on factors such as the type and concentration of corrosive environment, temperature and so on.

Although stainless steels are most commonly used in various chemical environments due to their corrosion resistance properties, another important application at high temperatures is as Heat Resisting Alloys, which is common. Less attention is paid to it

Latest price of steel slabs in 2020

Latest price of steel slabs in 2020 Stainless steel, known as steel in the Iranian market, is produced in various alloys. The common denominator between all stainless steels is the high levels of nickel and chromium. The presence of these two alloying elements in the chemical composition of steel creates corrosion resistance properties. Steel sheet is accepted as one of the most widely used stainless steel sections in various alloys. The alloy used to produce this product is one of the main factors determining the price of steel sheet . This type of steel is known as a steel catcher because of its magnetic properties. The amount of chromium in these steels is more than the non-alloy type and the amount of nickel is less than them. This series of steels is cheaper than non-stainless steel. Also, 410 steel sheet has the lowest price among catch steel.

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