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Steel slabs for sale with the base price of the plant is offered by Simurgh Iron and Steel Company. Delivery of cargo for export customers is fob port and at the request of buyer cfr destination country. In addition to steel slabs for sale, Steel Billets are also delivered to Tehran and Isfahan warehouses by Simorgh Iron and Steel Company.

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Steel slabs and billets prices

The latest steel billets and slab prices in the global market have fallen by March 26, 2019.

  • CIS steel billet price have fallen by -0.2% and are currently standing at $ 455 / t.
  • China tangshan billet price (steel slabs for sale near me) is down by -0.3% at 3450 yuan per tonne.
  • Billet prices CFR South East Asia also experienced a decrease of -1% and were at $ 480-490.

Steel slabs iran

The steel slab price in Iran is different based on Steel slab dimensions. Iran Steel slab dimensions are 20-25 cm thick, with a width of 90 to 200 centimeters and a length of 6 to 12 meters. The steel slab price also dependent on the product analysis. Of course, only product specifications are not price-determining. Certainly, market conditions and changes in it can lead to price fluctuations.

Of the major suppliers of billet and steel slabs in Iran, we can produce the heaviest steel slabs weighing 46 tons, producing the widest steel slabs that are suitable for making oil and gas pipelines, and, of course, producing steel slabs in different thickness.

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