Steel sheets distributors in bulk

Steel sheet is actually a type of sheet metal with a completely flat surface. These steel sheets are usually made from hot rolls or pellets. One of the biggest advantages that can be mentioned for steel sheets is the possibility and ratio of winding and rolling offered to factories, which is more popular in cutting and piece sheets. . There are different types of steel sheets, named according to the way they are made and the raw materials used to make them. For more information on bulk steel sheets distributors visit our site.

Steel sheets distributors in bulk

Are steel sheets expensive?

Are steel sheets expensive? Steel sheets are produced and supplied according to the standards of Germany, the United States of America and Russia, which we will discuss today. The first is the German DIN standard, which is actually the most common standard for steel sheets in Iran. The second is the American ASTM standard, which is used less than the previous two standards in steel sheet production, and finally the Russian standard. Steel sheets have different percentages of carbon, so they have different properties and a specific name.

Cold rolling is one of the methods used in steel sheet making and the process is not too difficult. Here, the iron ingot to be made into steel sheet is placed between two rotating rollers that move up and down and begins to deform by applying pressure from them and deform with the continuous up-down movement of the two rollers. . Before starting this process, it should be noted that the iron ingot must be washed with acid, if there is an oxidized layer on its surface, it must be completely cleaned. Cold rolled steel sheets are generally of higher quality than hot rolled steel sheets.

White steel sheet is the result of this process. Unlike the previous method, hot rolled steel sheets are deformed and formed using temperatures of about 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. In Latin, this type of steel sheet is also called hot rolled plate or hot rolled coil. Steel sheets made in this way are 1.16 to 5.16 inches thick and if thicker than 6 inches it is called slab. Black sheets and galvanized sheets are called steel sheets produced by this method. Acid washing is a process that removes the dirt and grease from the black steel sheet produced by the hot rolling method as mentioned.

The substance used in acid washing is hydrochloric acid. After acid washing, the metal surface looks cleaner and shiny and even looks like a slightly oily layer. Galvanized sheet is also manufactured from cold rolled steel sheet. It is more resistant to rust by spraying a few microns of zinc metal on it to produce galvanized sheet for a long time. During this process, it is important to know that an electrochemical action takes place between iron and zinc so that iron acts as a cathode and zinc acts as an anode. For this reason, even if there are grooves or scratches on the surface of galvanized sheets, it does not rust. These boards are produced in different colors and are used on hall and canopy facades due to their strength and durability. For more information on steel sheets price visit our site.

Bulk distributing of steel sheets in 2021

Bulk distributing of steel sheets in 2021 Bulk distribution of steel sheets in 2021 is done by our company all over the country and we also offer this product to the market at a good price. Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about steel sheets for walls.

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