Steel rebar Distribution centers

Rebar is the steel used in concrete to compensate for its low tensile strength. It is also called reinforcing rebar. Because the steel used in reinforced concrete structures is in the form of wire or reinforcement, it is called rebar steel. Becomes. Of course, in addition to rebar, other materials are used to strengthen the concrete, such as shaped profiles, studs or cans. For more information about Steel rebar Distribution centers, visit our site.

Steel rebar Distribution centers

What steel is used for rebar?

What steel is used for rebar? Rebar steel production standards vary from country to country. Each standard has a specific classification for the mechanical properties of steels. In Iran, Zobahan factory is the main producer of Iranian rebar steel, the rebar produced by this factory is in accordance with the Russian standard. According to the Russian standard, manufactured steel is divided into three groups, which are: Steel A-1 This type of rebar is smooth and has a yield strength of 2300 square centimeters and a tensile strength of 3800 square centimeters. Steel A-2 2 This type of rebar is ribbed and has a yield strength of 3000 square centimeters and a tensile strength of 5000 square centimeters. Steel A-3 This type of rebar is ribbed and has a yield strength of 4000 square centimeters and a tensile strength of 6000 square centimeters. Rebars have different diameters depending on their standard type.

Russian rebar made of steel up to 40 mm in diameter is also made Tremax rebar To produce Thermax rebar, the steel ingot has a lower chemical analysis class, and to achieve the required standard strength, the production rebar, which has a high temperature, is passed through water pipes and cooled suddenly. In this case, the rebar surface is deep. A certain has a higher resistance (for example 400) but the rebar core has a lower resistance (for example about 340) alloy making In the alloyed method, the steel required for the production of rebar, in the process of making steel, is made by adding ferroalloys and the ingots produced in the rolling process are shaped and then cooled in the open space and over time. In this case, from the outer surface to the center, it has the same mechanical properties and chemical properties that show uniform and suitable resistance in the event of an earthquake and pressure. In general, the cost price of alloy rebars is higher than that of tram due to the production process and raw materials used.

In the national standard of Iran No. 3132, which is made of several European reference standards EN, DIN, and Japan JIS and USA ASTM and ISO, it is made in both methods, but the alternative is high consumption safety factor in paragraph 13 of the standard (marking) Manufacturers must inform the consumer about the rebar production process. For more information about steel rebar sizes, visit our site.

Distributing steel rebar in bulk

Distributing steel rebar in bulk Distributing steel rebar in bulk is marketed by our production unit and our company exports this product to other countries, so you can visit our site for more information about steel rebar price.

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