Steel ingots Wholesale Supplier

steel ingots is the first portable and displacement product obtained from steelmaking processes (after Iron extraction and raw steel production), which is solid and in portable dimensions. In fact, the process of ingot making is one of the intermediate processes of rolling Steels, which is the basic material of the downstream industries. Ingot making is done by freezing the molten metal in the form and follows several purposes.

Steel ingots Wholesale Supplier

What are steel ingots used for?

What are steel ingots used for? The first problem is the shape and size of the bullion, which is important for the next stages of the processes of shaping parts. The next point is about the fencing in the mold and the melt freezing inside the mold as it determines the physical and mechanical properties of the final parts. After the conversion of iron ore to crude steel, or iron sponge, after the steelmaker and the preparation of molten steel induction or treatments, etc. steel ingot as a product with different shapes for use in various supply which is from the variety, it can be used to ingots, billets, etc.

Bloom and slabs noted that continues to explain each deal. steel ingots price rectangular, which often cross them because moldings manual. ease in out of the template, and easy transportation in Figure 1 for trapezoid has length of each branch of the maximum to two meters, it seems. This product is generally produced in small workshops.

This is the most common way in the world to produce steel ingots. In this method, iron ore, after pelletizing, was, along with Coke, limestone, inside a blast furnace, casting iron, crude or cast iron (with the amount of carbon, more than 2% ) comes to hand. The raw iron is then turned into molten steel in the concentrator furnace and with the help of oxygen pump. Oxygen infusion also reduces the amount of not-so-suitable elements of phosphorus and sulfur. After reaching the desired chemical composition, the melt is transferred to the continuous casting section with the help of Cauldron.

Bulk supplying of steel ingots

Bulk supplying of steel ingots Steel products such as steel ingots are one of the most important products in our country. Annually, the first-class steel bullion is produced in prestigious factories of cities such as Yazd and in high volumes. Yazd steel ingots wholesalers all kinds of this product in the following samples using the best molten or raw steel as well as the benefit of equipped devices.Since steel bullion is a valuable commodity, it is of great importance to know the latest price of this commodity for faster and safer transactions.

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