Steel ingots Local Suppliers

In fact, metal and solids, which form the basis of the intermediate product and are obtained in the rolling of steel after passing through it in several stages, are called steel bars. The appearance of this product is often trapezoidal and about 2 meters long. It should be noted that these dimensions and cross-sectional shapes are very suitable for transport and storage. Please visit our website for more information on local steel ingots suppliers.

Steel ingots Local Suppliers

Where can you get steel ingots?

Where can you get steel ingots? Steel bars are central products in the manufacture of other steel profiles such as beams, rebars, steel sheets, etc. In fact, this product is raw and basic steel and the basis for the manufacture of other steel products. The production method consists of three methods of direct reduction: blast furnace and tunnel furnace, the production method in factories in Iran being different.

Steel Factory (manufacturer of ingots using the arc furnace process) and Isfahan Steel (manufacturer of steel ingots using the blast furnace process) are located in Iran. In addition, this product is manufactured and marketed in three forms: flower, billet and cloth (steel bars that are cut to the desired dimensions after production). In some cases, these three products have been found to be used interchangeably, which is incorrect, and these products are different from each other.

There are several key elements that make a huge difference in these products. For example, the forming processes, the type of shape and the freezing temperature of the melt as well as the dimensions and the geometric shape of these three products differ from one another. Steel bars consist of rectangular cubes made according to Russian standards (SP3-SP5) or German standards (ST37-ST52). Its outstanding properties are its flexibility, elasticity, curvature and good torsion. Billet or ingot is another sub-branch of steel ingot that is circular or square in shape.

Generally billets are produced when the billet is rolled directly from the CCM stage. The dimensions of the bar are 15 cm wide and 230 cm in cross-section. It is used to manufacture steel wire and rebar. It is a flower or bar, the appearance of which is also square, with the difference that it is larger in terms of dimensions. Please visit our website for more information on steel ingots for sale.

Focal suppliers of steel ingots

Focal suppliers of steel ingots Our manufacturing company is one of the Focal suppliers of steel ingots and delivers this product to the customer with different and very competitive prices, which has a high quality, so you can For more information about steel ingots price, refer to our official site and buy this product.

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