Steel ingots Domestic production in 2020

steel ingots  is one of the best steel in world actually steel ingots are very useful in our country . steel ingot weight is more than usual steel .As we said, steel is an alloy of iron elements and a percentage of other elements. Now, if this element is chromium, it gives an alloy that, although it has many properties, has a weak corrosion. This alloy rusts against high humidity. This made anti-corrosion important. For this purpose, we must increase the amount of chromium by 10.5%.

How does Chrome prevent rusting? In fact, this amount of chromium and iron oxidizes the chromium itself when exposed to oxygen, and as a second layer and insulation protects the steel alloy against corrosion and rusting. Now, if we add elements such as nickel and manganese, the amount of this resistance will increase. This property is called self-healing (self-healing), which changes the steel and is called stainless.

Steel ingots Domestic production in 2020

How are steel ingots made?

How are steel ingots made? Stainless steel sheet is a sheet that is based on iron but has other alloys and other elements are combined depending on its mechanical properties such as ductility, welding and hardness. This sheet is made of metal, less than 2% of which is carbon. The higher the amount of carbon in this alloy, the higher its strength and hardness and the lower its ductility. This product is produced in two ways, square or rectangular pieces that have various dimensions. Steel sheets, especially stainless steel, have very good resistance to high and low temperatures, so that they can be heated up to 1000 ° C and also up to minus 200 (-200) ° C.

Two terms are common in the market. Stainless steel is called stainless steel, which is adsorbed by magnets, and stainless steel, which is not absorbed by magnets, is called stainless steel. The stainless steels on the market are like 304 and 316, which have chromium and nickel, and these two elements make steel non-stick.

Domestic demand for steel ingots

Domestic demand for steel ingots Steels are divided into two categories. Plain steel or stainless steel. Plain carbon steel has limited elements. That is, except for carbon, it contains silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus. Now, if elements like chromium are added to iron, it becomes stainless steel. Stainless steel or stainless steel is highly resistant to various corrosions. If elements like chromium are added to plain carbon steel, it gives it anti-corrosion properties. If it has at least 10.5% chromium in steel, it will find this feature. In addition, chromium is converted to chromium oxide when combined with air oxygen. This layer is invisible to the naked eye, but it creates a layer that barriers between air and metal, so that the steel is safe and sound.

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