Steel billets world trade statistics 2021

The price of steel ingots depends on various factors and is one of the intermediate products of rolled steel. Steel ingots are made in two forms: billet and bloom. The ingot, known in the market as ingot, is made in the shape of a billet and has a circular and square cross-section. The width of the billet is less than 15 cm2 and the cross-section is 230 cm2. For more information on Steel Billets’ world trade statistics for 2021, please visit our website.

Steel billets world trade statistics 2021

What is difference between ingot and billet?

What is difference between ingot and billet? The ingot, known as an ingot, is in the shape of a flower. Bloom has a cross-section of less than 230 cm2 and a width of more than 15 cm2. Bloom is used to make railroad tracks, shields, cleats, cans, beams. The plate is a linear and semi-finished product that is manufactured using the roll-rolling process or the continuous casting process. The cross-section of the plate, unlike bars or bars, is not square and rectangular and is used as a raw material for the manufacture of flat-rolled products such as coils and hot-rolled sheets, as well as in the heavy machinery industry.

Usually the thickness of the plate is between 200 and 250 mm, the width between 650 and a maximum of 2000 mm and the length between 4 and 12 meters. Plates have a limited market and around 20 million tons of plates are produced and added to the sales cycle worldwide annually. The difference between the price of 5sp steel ingot and the price of 3sp steel ingot, as we mentioned at the beginning of this article, is due to the different composition. Differences in chemical composition have a direct effect on the mechanical properties of steel.

And that is precisely the main reason for their price difference. More specifically, 3sp steel bars have fewer alloy elements. Hence, it has more flexibility than 5sp steel bars. The price for 3sp steel bars is higher than the price for 5sp steel bars due to the higher flexibility. However, the price of steel bars also depends on other factors, such as the brand of the manufacturer, the quality of the raw materials used and the price. The dollar exchange rate will certainly depend on the world market. Please visit our website for more information on steel billets for sale.

World trade statistics of steel billets

World trade statistics of steel billets World trade statistics of steel billets are growing and reach customers at different prices and we also export the same product to foreign countries, so you can visit our site for more information about steel billet sizes.

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