Steel billets wholesalers in 2020

Steel ingots are another product of our company, which is one of the intermediate products of rolled steel. Steel ingots are produced in two forms: Billet and Bloom. Steel ingots, which are produced in the form of billets, are also known as ingots and have a circular or square cross section. The billet has a width of less than 15 cm and a cross section of less than 230 cm square, and is therefore mostly used for the production of rebars and wires. For more information about Steel billets wholesalers in 2020, visit our site.

Steel billets wholesalers in 2020

How are steel billets made?

How are steel billets made?

Steel ingots that are produced in the form of blooms are also known as ingots. Bloom also has a cross-sectional area of ​​less than 230 cm2 but a width of more than 15 cm2. Bloom steel ingots are commonly used for the construction of train tracks, shields, studs, cans, beams.

Steel ingots have 2 grades of 3SP and 5SP of ST37 steel standard. 3SP and 5SP are in the category of simple carbon steels that are not capable of heat treatment. Therefore, its applications are in cases where high strength is not expected. 3SP is more flexible and is used in industries that require bending and stretching. 5SP ingots have less flexibility and are used in stable industries that are not under force and pressure.

Steel ingots are the raw material for the production of steel products. Steel There are several methods for producing crude or molten steel, including blast furnaces (BF), arc furnaces (EAFs) and induction furnaces (IMFs). The EAF method, ie electric arc furnace, is used to produce steel ingots. Production of steel ingots by arc method First, scrap iron is poured into this furnace, then a mixture of sponge iron (sponge iron), lime, coke, bentonite and other additives are added to it.

Sampling is then done in which oxygen is blown and converted into molten steel. The produced melt mixture is sent to the casting unit after discharging the slag. The molten material is then poured into tensile containers and then into a hydrophilic copper mold and then along the roller path by spraying cold water and turned into frozen ingots.

Iron ingots are one of the types of ingots used in the extrusion industry. For the production of iron ingots, the heat output of the extrusion depends on the aluminum alloy. Blast furnace methods are also used to produce iron ingots.

Iron ingots in the production stage: First, iron ore is processed and pre-baked with a mixture of lime and coke into a blast furnace, and then raw iron or molten cast iron is obtained. The crude iron obtained from this step is converted to molten steel by a converter. In the next stage, crude steel is produced by oxygen, carbon and impurities. For more information about  steel billet sizes visit our site.

Bulk shopping of steel billets in 2020

Bulk shopping of steel billets in 2020

steel billets price can be found on this page. On our website, the daily prices of steel ingots of steel ingot factories across the country are displayed in a branch. In order to receive guidance for Bulk shopping of steel billets in 2020 and also to know the daily prices of steel billets, you can contact our company’s sales experts.

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