Steel billets Wholesale Market

If we take a closer look at the published news about ferrous metals, we find that many factories now need ferrous scrap to produce, usually all over the world we see scrap iron for recycling and use. They are re-exploiting, which both prevents resource scarcity and generates revenue. One of the iron scrap we desperately need today is steel ingots. For more information about Steel billets Wholesale Market, visit our site.

Steel billets Wholesale Market

How are steel billets made?

How are steel billets made? Ingots are the most important commodity of the steel chain. Steel ingots are produced by steel companies that are produced in a chemical and physical structure according to the needs of different industries. The appearance of the ingots is trapezoidal in shape, the final length of each of about 2 Meters, among the features of this type of products are their convenient transportation due to their appearance. Steel ingots are among the products of intermediate rolled steel that are produced in three categories, billet, fabric, slab, each of which is different from the other, which we will briefly explain about them in the following, so continue reading to Get acquainted with its types. Types of steel ingots The reason for choosing the term billet is that if the ingot is rolled directly from the production of ccm, it is called ccm or billet. Billets are mostly used to produce rebars and so on.

The billet, also known as the ingot, has some differences with the ingot, which we will tell you later. The difference between ingots and billets is that they are longer than ingots and the surface of the ingots is circular or square with a width of less than 15 cm or in other words the cross section is less than 230 cm square. Fabric ingots Fabric ingots are produced in higher dimensions and after going through the rolling process, they come to the desired sizes and are produced for use in section rolling, which in the past was referred to as Bloom, which changed to fabric ingots with the passage of time and literature change. Found a name. Fabric ingots are ingots that are obtained from the side of the slab or the whole slab is in the form of ingots. In general, the production method of all ingots is the same and there is not much difference in their production process.

The main uses of Bloom are for making rails, shields, studs, cans, beams, etc. Bloom, or in the term of fabric ingots, are first produced in larger sections and then converted into other sections by final rolling. Slabs have a different appearance from other categories of ingots and, unlike billets and blooms, have a rectangular cross section. It is usually 230 mm thick and 1.25 m wide and 12 m long. Slab is the raw material for making steel sheets. For more information about types of steel billets, visit our site.

Bulk marketing of steel billets

Bulk marketing of steel billets Regarding the production of steel ingots, we must say that they are produced by two induction furnaces and electric arc. The existence of these two furnaces is very effective in the production of ingots and they are such that steel ingots in electric arc furnaces have a higher quality and price in the market. . For more information about steel billets price and Bulk marketing of steel billets, dear customers, you can refer to our official website.

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