Steel billets sales growth in 2021

When the production of bars is consumed directly from the production of cc, it is called billet bars. This type of ingot is mainly used in the manufacture of rebar. Billet is also known as Shamshal. Bars are usually longer than billets. The surface of the tuft is usually circular or square, less than six inches wide. For more information steel billets sales growth please visit our website.

Steel billets sales growth in 2021

How are steel billets made?

How are steel billets made? steel billets are produced in various dimensions. After the rolling process, this product is given different sizes. Finally, it is made in cross-section for use in rolling. In the past this bar was known as a Bloom, but now the name of this bar has been changed to fabric due to changes in literature. This type of ingot is obtained next to the slab, or the entire slab becomes ingot. In general, it can be said that the production method of all bars is the same and there is not much difference in their production process.

Bloom, or in the sense of tissue bars, are first made in larger sections and then converted into other sections by final rolling or the fabric known as the ingot, is identical to the billet, with the difference that it has a greater width. In general, it can be said that the width of this product is less than fifteen centimeters. For this reason, sticks and flowers usually belong to the same category. It can be said that Bloom is mainly used to make rails, shields, iron cans, beams, corners, etc. Another category of bars is plates, which differ in appearance from other categories of bars.

In contrast to Bloom and Billet, plates have a rectangular cross-section. Usually the thickness of this type of ingot is 230 mm, and the width of the iron is 1.25 meters and its length is 12 meters. In fact, plates are used to make steel sheets. It can now be seen that, based on the above explanations, the difference between the types of ingots is only in their dimensions and appearance, and their manufacturing process does not differ significantly from each other. Indeed, it can be said that they are all made in the same way and have a common application. For more information steel billets manufacturers visit our website.

Sales growth of steel billets in 2021

Sales growth of steel billets in 2021 Sales growth of steel billets in 2021 is very good because it has a good price and other countries have also bought this product, so our company also distributes this product at a wholesale price that is affordable for the buyer. You can visit our site for more information about types of steel billets.

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