Steel billets international merchandise trade

Steel bars are made into steel bars like 5sp and 3sp. These two are often divided into four groups: carbon, alloy, stainless steel, and tool. In addition to carbon and iron, carbon steels contain trace elements. These groups are the most common with a share of 90% in steel production. Carbon steel is divided into three sub-groups depending on the amount of carbon in the metal: low-carbon steels / mild steels (up to 0.3% carbon), steels with medium carbon content (0.3-0.6% carbon) and steels with high carbon content (more than 0.6%) ٪ carbon). Further information on the international trade in steel billets can be found on our website.

Steel billets international merchandise trade

What are steel billets used for?

What are steel billets used for? Alloyed steels contain alloying elements such as nickel, copper, chromium and / or aluminum. These additional elements are used to affect the strength, ductility, corrosion resistance and rotation of the metal. Stainless steels contain 10-20% chromium as an alloying element and are of great value due to their high corrosion resistance. These steels are commonly used in medical equipment, plumbing, cutting tools, and food processing equipment. Steel tools make great cutting and drilling tools because they contain tungsten, molybdenum, cobalt, and vanadium for added heat resistance and durability.

5sp steel bars are made of pure steel material which is made in the form of cast iron. Therefore the block is an intermediate product in the steel industry. 5sp steel bars have a lower flexibility, which is why they are no longer exposed to force and pressure in instruments and are almost stable. 5sp bars are used. This steel block is one of the most commonly used types. Steel ingots are a piece of relatively pure steel that is cast or cast in various shapes depending on the requirements of the shape. It is also referred to as a semi-finished cast product in the steel making life cycle.

The production of steel bars can be done by the classic casting process or by mechanical production. There are different options between sizes, shapes and single or standard materials. Thanks to modern machines and a large number of facilities in the field of formation and generation of different heat, casting orders can be carried out safely and in a short time. Every phase of production, from simulation to completion, is quality controlled. We therefore guarantee that the bars ordered meet the highest requirements and conditions in their area of ​​application. For more information steel billets price please visit our website.

International merchandise trade of steel billets

International merchandise trade of steel billets International merchandise trade of steel billets is done by our company to Asian and European countries, which has a good price, and we have also produced this product with quality, so you can For more information about types of steel billets, visit our site.

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