steel billets for sale

Steel billets for sale with a cross section of less than 230 cm² in two circular and square shapes, for the production of fittings and wires.

Steel ingot is categorized in four types. Ingot, Billets, Bloom and Slabs. The most important difference is, as we have said, their dimensions and physical form. Steel ingot has trapezoidal surfaces with a maximum length of two meters. Fortunately, because of its physical and dimensional characteristics, it is easy to transport.

In the following, we describe and express the steel billet. In the following articles, we will describe details of bloom ingots and open steel slabs.

Steel billet 5sp/ps

Of course steel billets are based on grade and analysis. For example 5sp steel billets or 3sp steel grade. The percentage of alloying elements in the 5sp steel billets is higher than the alloying elements in the 3sp steel grade. We analyze the various steel billet grades below.

Steel billet 5sp/ps


Steel billets HS code

Steel billets for sale is offered in two types with a square or circular section. And often has a cross section of less than 230 cm². The steel billets below can be the most important use of steel billets for use in the manufacture of fittings and wire. Of course, in the manufacturing process, we also have two types of machine billet and manual billet. Hand-held billet is also billet casting or horizontal.

Steel ingot price chart

Definitely, the Steel ingot price depends on the analysis and its type according to the category we have for different sizes. Of course, the daily fluctuation of prices should also be taken into account. Any quality and steel ingot with special characteristics may experience different prices during the year, which can sometimes be remarkable differences.

Steel billet price

The latest price of steel billets for sale, which is announced on the world average price of mineral products, is + 0.3% fluctuation, equivalent to 3460 yuan in China, delivered to Tangshan Port. The Black Sea CFR price is currently trading (April 5, 2019) at $ 475-480 per ton, with a -2% change over the first week of April.

Price of steel billets for sale

Inquiries for steel prices (final and intermediate products also upstream) after inventory inquiry through the following communication paths is possible. You can also contact us for the order of registration of the order.

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