Steel billets affordable prices in 2020

The easiest way to solidify liquid steel is to pour it into iron ingots with thick walls. During and after the steel cooling process, heat is dissipated from the walls and the end of the ingot mold to other parts, forming a solid shell. Round ingots are used to make pipes and polygonal ingots are used to make wheels and tires. Steel ingots cast by pouring liquid metal from above or from the bottom of the mold. Gradually, the demand for quality steels led manufacturers to think about revolutionizing or evolving the technology of ingot floor casting. For more information about Steel billets affordable prices in 2020, visit our site.

Steel billets affordable prices in 2020

What are steel billets used for?

What are steel billets used for?

In order to produce low and high size rebar, the point that is more important than the size of the ingot is the amount of carbon in the ingot and its analysis. Ingot with carbon 30 to 35 is used for rebar size 14 to 40. However, it is used for lower sizes due to the need for more softness and traction of low carbon ingots.

Ingots 150, 125 or 130 are not much different for rebar production, and some factories use and charge 150 ingots depending on the rolling line, and some use both because they are more modern. Sometimes bloom is also used to produce rebar, and this depends on the design of the rolling line. New production lines that have high technology usually use 120 or 130 ingots for small rebars and 150 ingots for large rebars. Some production lines are designed in such a way that they can produce small rebars with 150 ingots, such as sizes 8 and 10 or even coils. In our country, rolling lines that are old use only 120 ingots or a maximum of 130 ingots to produce rebars and do not have the ability to produce rebars from 150 ingots.

generally :

  • 100,120,125,130,150,160 are called billets and ingots with higher dimensions such as:
  • 180 * 180,200 * 200,250 * 250 are considered bloom and this category is mostly used for the production of industrial rebars.

The difference between billet and bloom ingots There seems to be some difference in the way the market and the stock market use the words and expressions of Bloom and Billet ingots.

  • Bloom ingots are mostly used for industrial rebars in some countries such as China and Ukraine due to high production of steel and unbalanced production and capacity of ccm machine and in some cases due to customer demand, bloom ingots are produced in sizes 180 and above and then By one rolling step, the dimensions of the billet ingot are reduced to 160. The billet ingots produced by this method are more dense and are mostly used in industrial applications.

  • sp or st44-2 ingots with a maximum carbon load of 22, are usually used in the production of corners and studs or in some cases in the sizes of fine rebars.

  • Basically, 5sp ingots are mostly used to produce rebars up to size 25. Gr60 grade ingots are used to produce rebars of size 25 and above.

  • ┬áTo produce coil, they also use ingots with 5sp grade, st34 1006,1008. For more information about steel billets manufacturers, visit our site.

Rational price of steel billets in 2020

Rational price of steel billets in 2020

Types of steel billets with arc method have a better quality than induction furnace because it has one more analysis step. For more information about Rational price of steel billets in 2020, visit our site.

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