Steel bar Distribution centers in 2020

steel bar as a steel reinforcement is a rod or network of steel wires that is used as a tensile device to strengthen concrete and strengthen building structures. Rebar surfaces are often used as a template for better bonding of concrete

 When casting steel, they are rolled hot and pulled out. steel bar square They are very flexible and soft and are produced in a square cross-section with an area of less than 230 cm2. They are in the category of semi-finished actors. Their final products include rods, rods, tubes, pipes, wires and wire products. Steel bar flat are better for use in windows . An alloy based on iron with less than 2% carbon is called steel. Depending on the type and amount of other elements in it, mechanical properties such as hardness and ductility are determined. Steels are classified into two simple categories: carbon and alloy. In plain carbon steel, there is no element other than carbon and some common elements (such as silicon, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus).

Steel bar Distribution centers in 2020

What are Stainless Steel Bars?

What are Stainless Steel Bars? There are different types of rebars, such as simple rebar, wall rebar or steel rebar, each of which has unique specifications and applications. Steel rebars, known in the market as round pipes or round bars, have different grades, including 304 steel rebars, 316, 309, 310, 321 and 430 steel rebars, which are offered in the market in the form of branches and coils. In appearance, steel rebars are similar to building rebars, but due to their steel properties, they are resistant to corrosion and moisture and have considerable resistance at high temperatures.

Due to its high strength and ductility, good cutting and excellent machining capability of 304 steel rebar, this grade is used for framing, bracing, supports, shafts, columns, marine work, food industry, etc. Also, due to the high formability of 304 steel rebar, this grade is used for applications with deep traction, such as making sinks, bathtubs and kitchen appliances.

Distributing steel bar in bulk at best price

Distributing steel bar in bulk at best price Stainless steel rebar 304 and 304L, which is abbreviated as stainless steel due to its lack of magnetic properties, is a cost-effective grade of steel that is a great option for all projects that require a lot of strength and corrosion resistance. Be. In fact, 304 steel rebar, due to its excellent resistance against most chemicals and industrial environments, is the most widely used grade of steel rebar, which has thin and widely used thicknesses of 1.6 – 2 – 2.5 and… to 5 mm sizes. Coils and branches are available in the market; And from 5 miles to 300 miles in the form of 6-meter or 4-meter branches, depending on customer orders, is available in the market.

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