Sponge iron Wholesale Supplier

Sponge iron has unique properties that have made it a viable alternative to scrap iron in the steel industry. This substance is known as sponge iron due to its lack of oxygen and its porous shape. About 5% of the world’s steel is currently produced from sponge iron (DRI) and this trend is increasing. In Iran, steel production through direct reduction and electric furnaces is in line with the policies of the National Steel Company and the Ministry of Industry, and therefore sponge iron can play an effective role in the steel industry and the country’s economy. For more information about Sponge iron Wholesale Supplier, visit our site.

Sponge iron Wholesale Supplier

Which country is the largest producer of sponge iron?

Which country is the largest producer of sponge iron?

The main reason for the high statistics of sponge iron production in a few limited countries is related to gas and coal (thermal) reserves, as the main factors for the production of energy required by the direct reduction process. Iran and India are the two major producers of sponge iron in the world. Meanwhile, Corona could not stop the growth of steel production in Iran, and the growth of production of sponge iron and crude steel in Iran in the first quarter of this year was very good. Since Iran ranks first in this field, there are a considerable number of sponge iron producers in Iran.

In fact, the degree of metallization of sponge iron indicates what percentage of free iron and what percentage of iron oxide is present in sponge iron. Of course, in electric furnaces (electric arc furnaces or induction furnaces) part of this iron oxide can also be reduced and its free iron melted. For example, in induction furnaces, experience shows that about half of this iron oxide is reduced; Therefore, slag or sponge iron is reduced in this furnace.

The method of producing sponge iron is the use of non-coking coal through the process of reducing iron ore in a rotary kiln. The method of producing sponge iron is done at a certain temperature and control atmospheric pressure. Midrex USA was the first company to produce sponge iron, and the first method of producing sponge iron is named after the company.

sponge iron process formula is special and is produced according to special conditions. Reduction of oxide to metal occurs in several stages, and in each stage, different oxides are produced by removing oxygen. The chemical formula of sponge iron occurs as follows:


C + O2 = CO2;

CO2 + C = 2CO;

Fe2O3 + CO = Fe3O4 + CO2;

Fe3O4 + CO = FeO + CO2;

FeO + CO = Fe (Metallic) + CO2;

It should be noted that the amount of oxygen reduction in each step is equal to:


    > 11%

    > 22%

    > 67%

Bulk supply of sponge iron for markets

Bulk supply of sponge iron for markets

Iron ore pellets are produced from iron concentrate that has been milled iron and can be used in smelting units and direct reduction units. Sponge iron is obtained by direct reduction of iron pellets; So that no melting process takes place. This product is used in smelting furnaces of steel mills with iron scrap. For more information about sponge iron price, visit our site.

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