sponge iron sludge Wholesale price

In the process of producing sponge iron, additional and unusable materials are obtained which are known as sponge iron sludge. This product is used in the next steps to prepare a variety of metal products. Special sale of sponge iron sludge can be a good opportunity to provide this product at a cheap price. For more information about sponge iron sludge Wholesale price, visit our site.

sponge iron sludge Wholesale price

Where is the origin of sponge iron sludge

Where is the origin of sponge iron sludge In the production cycle of sponge iron, excess materials are extracted from these lines, which have a low degree of purity and can be used in pelletizing lines and processed into products such as reinforcing bars, billets and plates. This will create great added value for the steel mills from these previously discarded surplus products, so that this year around a million tons of this product have been exported to other countries. During the melting of ferrous minerals in differential furnaces and after reaching the melting point, sponge iron is obtained as an additional material with high impurities.

Sponge iron is remelted by new technologies and used together with other metal elements to form alloys. During the sponge iron process, waste products known as sponge iron sludge are recovered. Making sponge iron sludge from sponge iron is a good opportunity for steel mills to use the aforementioned new products, and therefore all waste from the production process is fully utilized. Factories that manufacture a variety of metal products such as ingots and rebars and factories that export a variety of metal products and their by-products to other countries can use sponge iron sludge to expand their business.

Products with great price and great quality are now possible for these factories and individuals. To buy iron mud you can contact our sales expert and, although you know the price of the day, place your order so that it can be sent to any location in Iran as soon as possible.

The sale of recyclable sponge iron sludge from Miyaneh factory is done through agglomeration and pelletizing, in a tonnage of about twenty thousand tons per month. The sale of sponge iron and sponge iron sludge is done by direct reduction plants due to the development of briquetting and agglomeration processes in the steel industry. Fortunately, the world’s current methods are in the direction of being able to bring back the energy consumed and the waste and waste in each industry to the production cycle in that industry. For more information on sponge iron sludge suppliers, please visit our website.

Bulk price of sponge iron sludge

Bulk price of sponge iron sludge Bulk price of sponge iron sludge is associated with many changes and the reason is the change in the price of valid world currencies that has affected the price of this product, so you, dear buyers, can learn more about the price of this product and sponge iron sludge in bulk Visit our site.

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