sponge iron sludge at cheapest price

DRI Sludge sponge iron sludge:

Foam granules of sponge iron that have been washed after contact with reducing gases and transferred to particulate collection ponds and evaporated after evacuation in the water storage space and used to mix with other metal loads to produce pellets or agglomerates.

sponge iron sludge at cheapest price

what is sponge iron sludge?

what is sponge iron sludge? The raw material of the direct reduction unit is iron pellets, which during the sponge iron production process, about 5% of the raw material is converted into iron powder, and these wastes are produced in the form of sludge from gas washes and dust collectors of the reduction unit. Foam of spongy iron accumulates, which wastes the company’s capital.

The furnaces used in this company are of the Midrex method of reduction furnaces, in which the pellets enter from the top of the furnace and after contact with the hot reduction gases that enter the furnace uniformly through the bastel line, the pellets are regenerated. sponge iron sludge price are varied and depends on many factors. The nominal production capacity of each direct steel reduction unit of this company is about 829 thousand tons and in total for two modules is about 1.95 million tons. Due to its lightweight, soft iron can not be charged in electric arc furnaces, and due to the problems in carrying soft, it is not very attractive for other industry owners to buy it. Therefore, by converting the soft into a briquette, it can be put back into the production cycle so that it can be used in an electric arc furnace for the following reasons:

Impossibility of storing sponge iron fibers

Impossibility of proper movement to the place of consumption (impossibility of transfer via conveyor)

 Wasted on top of it (due to density and low weight)

High purity of iron (80%) as a rich source in steel production,

Therefore, this company intends to interact and cooperate with all capable individuals and companies in solving the technological need for “sponge iron processing”.

sponge iron sludge at affordable prices

sponge iron sludge at affordable prices Sponge iron is obtained by direct reduction of iron ore and it is also called DRI. The use of sponge iron in induction furnaces is one of its most important applications. It can be said that the use of sponge iron is possible in induction furnaces

About 50% to replace scrap. But its use in induction furnaces. it requires technical knowledge and experience. Sponge iron sludge are produced and supplied at different prices by many factories depending on so many other factors. We provide dear customers with the best sponge iron sludge at affordable prices.

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