sponge iron price 2020

Production and use of sponge iron in Iran first occurred in 1389 in those years when there was still no shortage of scrap iron for the production of crude iron, the production of this material due to the possibility of reducing the efficiency of crude iron production furnaces and public belief It was thought that this material was not suitable for induction furnaces, so no one used it. This material was used in Iran by a factory for induction furnaces in Yazd in 1989, and subsequently other factories also used this material. Sponge iron price 2020 has faced many fluctuations due to the increase in the price of the dollar.

sponge iron price 2020

What is sponge iron used for?

What is sponge iron used for?

Sponge iron is the result of direct reduction without pellet melting in direct reduction furnaces, which is known as sponge iron due to its porous shape. As mentioned above, one of the most important uses of this material in induction furnaces is to produce iron and Raw steel. In fact, this material is a good alternative to scrap iron, in fact, in induction furnaces, about 50% of sponge iron can be replaced as scrap.

Briquette is a concentrated and compressed form of sponge iron (DRI) that is designed and manufactured for easier storage and transportation. Briquetting is the most effective way to reduce oxidation or rusting of snuff iron during storage and transportation. Briquetting reduces surface porosity (separation) and increases density and abrasion resistance.

Sponge iron is a widely used material in the iron and steel industry, which with its unique properties can be a suitable alternative to scrap in the iron industry. This substance is obtained directly by reducing the oxygen content of iron ore. It is in a solid state and is known as sponge iron due to its lack of oxygen and its porous shape. At present, Iran is one of the largest producers and consumers of this substance. On the other hand, iron sponge suppliers provide this product to customers at a very affordable price.

sponge iron price changes in 2020

sponge iron price changes in 2020

sponge iron price changes in 2020 is mostly due to changes in the price of dollars and euros, which has had a significant impact on the prices of most products. Sponge iron is a high-grade source for making iron and steel, which is obtained by recycling natural or processed iron ore without reaching the melting point. In this method, iron ore pellets with a grade of 67% are regenerated and the resulting sponge iron (porous pellets) is obtained by metallization of fe (about 92 degrees). The product of the reduction unit is transferred to the steel section for direct charging of the furnace without passing the cooling part in the furnace and with a temperature of about 600 ° C by the special material transfer system.

After melting and reduction in steelmaking, sponge iron is formed into the required products in the casting process and is used in three forms: slabs, billets and rebars. Today, about 5% of the world’s steel is produced from sponge iron (DRI), and this trend is increasing. Sponge iron is obtained by direct reduction of iron ore and is also called DRI. sponge iron cost of production is very economical and suitable due to its applications.

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