Sponge iron fines Wholesale price

In the new technology, the reduction of regenerative gas is done by using two separate channels, not from one channel. Therefore, the homogeneity and homogeneity of the reducing gas increases and can be controlled more than previous methods. While the top, middle and bottom 3 pellets are used in the old sponge iron production methods, one of the lumps is removed in the PERED method. For more information about sponge iron fines, visit our site.

Sponge iron fines Wholesale price

How sponge iron fines are made?

How sponge iron fines are made? In traditional methods, pellets were injected into the octopus oven. However, in the new PERED design, another feed pipe is installed for the pellet to enter the center of the furnace. This will ensure the uniformity and uniform feeding of the feed and ultimately increase productivity. This problem may be one of the factors that predispose to the removal of one of the breakers. Other methods use 8 inch diameter pipes as reformer. But in the new design for the 800,000 ton plant, this diameter has been increased to 10 inches, which reduces the number of pipes and reduces the final size of the reformer chamber.

The new method uses a unique catalyst. This catalyst accelerates the breakdown of reducing gases and has a longer life. The new design uses Siemens centrifugal compressors. This replacement creates more freedom of movement and reduces electricity consumption and investment cost. A reverse recuperator (heat recovery system) was installed in the sponge iron production plan for eight hundred thousand tons of facilities. The assembly of the mentioned equipment makes it possible to remove the bundles from the recuperator more easily and in a shorter time during the repair of the equipment. In the PERED method, the free space on the furnace is reduced and the furnace height is shortened due to the difference in the charge injection type mentioned earlier.

The side gas outlet duct has been changed from the roof to two ducts. In existing stoves, the stove is cooled dot by dot and then by the Christmas tree. However, in the PERED method, cooling is done over the perimeter line. Therefore, cooling in the new method is more distributed, effective and efficient. The reformer uses steam injection and has improved control of reform parameters. The efficiency is increased by injecting gas in the middle of the oven. All these changes will ultimately improve and benefit the recovery process: Reducing the initial investment is one of the most important benefits of the PERED method.

In the new plan, the temperature is expected to decrease and the volume of pollutant gases entering the atmosphere is expected to decrease. The plan will reduce water, electricity and gas consumption and improve energy consumption indicators. Finally, maintenance costs are expected to be reduced in this way. For more information on sponge iron fines suppliers, visit our site.

Bulk price of sponge iron fines

Bulk price of sponge iron fines Bulk price of sponge iron fines has faced many fluctuations that the price of the dollar has affected this product Therefore, you can visit our site for more information about sponge iron fines in bulk.

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