Sponge iron Distribution centers in 2021

Iran has more natural resources available for direct revival.Sponge iron is a good alternative to scrap iron, so we can provide a high percentage of the raw materials to provide the required melting of steelmaking units instead of using scrap, through sponge iron. The production of sponge iron from iron, generally in two ways gas (Gas-Based)or coal-Based, to revive iron is done.

Sponge iron Distribution centers in 2021

What is sponge iron used for?

What is sponge iron used for? On the other hand, in India, Coal base sponge iron is used, which has very little carbon, and Indians were not very dominant in the method of using iron sponge gas base of Iran. In the year 89, one of the induction plants in Yazd for the first reasons to consume sponge. Subsequently, many factories, of course, delayed the use of sponge iron. The first reaction was negative in almost all factories. Because the spell was not familiar with its charging method, and secondly, phosphorus and sulfur of sponge iron compared to scrap, melting analysis and high carbon would work hard. The melting time was prolonged, and the slag was very, terrible. So as soon as it was used, many factories stopped using it until recently. Many small and large units of steel production in the country use these methods. Gas method is usually used in countries with gas reserves. In Iran, for example, Khuzestan steel and Mobarakeh Steel use gas as a regenerative material. The most well-known methods of direct gas resuscitation are hyl and midrax methods. sponge iron formula have a license in manufacturing direct revival factories (from Kobe Steel, Japan) with sponge iron composition. Because the general impression was that sponge iron is not suitable for induction furnace. Indians and Chinese who sold induction furnaces to Iran were not encouraged to use. Perhaps because the parameters related to the efficiency of their furnaces fell.

Distributing sponge iron in bulk

Distributing sponge iron in bulk About 5% of the world’s steel is produced from sponge iron (DRI) and this trend is increasing. Sponge iron is obtained from the direct revival of iron ore and is also called DRI.Today, Sponge Iron is created by reducing iron ore without melting it. This makes it an efficient energy source for special steel builders who relied on scrap metal to be used. The application of sponge iron in induction furnaces is one of the most important applications. It can be said that the use of sponge iron in induction furnaces is able to replace scrap nearly 50 percent. But its application in the induction furnace requires technical knowledge and experience. Also, the use of sponge iron is a great transformation in the continuous casting of the steel industry began around the year 89 in Iranian induction furnaces. In those years, scrap shortages were not felt, and although the quality of the scrap was bearish, there was still no one to think about using sponge.

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