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The demand for shredded iron scrap buy in various grades of scrap iron is high by steel makers, considering that it is the highest percentage of melting furnace charging.

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Shredded iron scrap buy is required for melting in the steel chain to refine them. As you know, a large part of the charging of fired furnaces in the steel industry is iron scrap. Iron scrap has a variety and different grades. These categories are based on several parameters. These include the steel body, the density of scrap iron, the recycling process carried out on the scrap iron and so on. Among the secondary processing on the scrap iron, we can mention crushing scrap iron. Or press scrap metal.

Shredded iron scrap prices

Shredded iron scrap is part of the metal bunch of scrap that has a relative uniformity in composition and size due to crushing. You can see below the shipment of scrap iron that is ready for sale by Simurgh Iron and Steel Company.

Shredded iron scrap prices

There is no limit to the supply capacity of the company at present. If the power supply for this type of scrap is limited, a notice will be made.

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