Scrap iron per kg latest price

These parts are also called scrap metal . Some of this scrap is produced by factories that deal with metals. For example, an aluminum or iron piece or even a ingot is produced in the factory, but studies show that it is not of the required quality and is practically useless. So it’s a scrap and can’t be used unless it’s recycled . Some other scrap metal are the same broken car parts, tools, various accessories, construction debris and the like. People collect this rubbish and sell it to certain centers. For information about scrap iron per kg Visit our site .


Scrap iron per kg latest price

How much is scrap iron worth per kg?

How much is scrap iron worth per kg?

Scrap or paper is called metal parts that have become unusable due to friction, fracture, decay, or any other physical or chemical change .

There are several types of scrap. When we classify its types according to their gender differences, the following categories of scrap can be distinguished :


Steel scrap

Aluminum scrap

Iron scrap

Copper scrap

Galvanized scrap

Cast iron scrap

Scrap alloys

Rice scrap

Lead scrap

Gold scrap

Silver scrap

Nickel scrap

Titanium scrap

Tungsten scrap

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Newest price list of scrap iron per kg

Newest price list of scrap iron per kg

Some businesses collect scrap metal directly and buy it from people or industries . The huge volume of scrap collected is then separated and sorted by waste separation machines . For example, not all iron wastes are uniform . Depending on the amount of iron in them, their density and dimensions need to be adjusted. After grading, scrap metal is delivered to smelters and recycling plants . These factories put the waste parts into the smelting furnaces and melt them at a very high temperature . The benefit of melting these wastes in metal recycling by melting the aluminum waste, the aluminum is rebuilt, and by melting the copper waste, new copper parts are made. This is very important in the country’s economy and the preservation of natural resources or metal ore mines. In addition, it prevents the accumulation of scrap, which causes damage to the environment

Scrap iron is commonly used to melt and turn it into ingots and reuse steel. But today, in developed countries, in addition to separating scrap iron, it is packaged and sold with the required additives in the industry .

But in our country they are used only for production lines .

For different products and scrap iron, furnaces with different temperatures are required .

For example, cast iron furnaces up to 1450  C are used in casting industries to produce cast iron products, and electric arc furnaces up to 2000 C are required for steel and steel-making, and in traditional castings. Rotary furnaces are used.

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