Sangan iran iron ore exports

Sangan iran iron ore exports are significant in granular forms, concentrates and iron pellets. Of course, transferring it in addition to Bandar Abbas for export to areas like Khorasan Steel, Kerman, Isfahan, and the use of domestic factories.

Sales and Sangan iran iron ore exports are in the current capacity of more than seven million tons annually in granular, concentrates and pellets. Part of the iron ore is transferred to the domestic factories after processing, and partly to ports for export. Sangan Khaf Iron Ore Complex is the largest iron ore extraction site in Iran. The definitive geological storage of iron ore in the Khafh iron ore deposits is estimated at 2.1 billion tons. According to estimates, about thirty percent of iron ore mines in Iran belong to Sangan Khaf.

Production of iron ore concentrate and pellets

Concentrate and pelletizing units Construct along with Sangan Iron Ore mines. This action has been partially offset by the raw materials of these mines. Especially in the export sector. Part of iron concentrate and iron pellet produced by Sangan Iron Ore Complex are transported to:

  • Mobarakeh Steel Co.
  • Esfahan Steel
  • Khuzestan Steel

Of course a percentage is also exported.

The presence of investors such as the Mobarakeh Steel Company of Isfahan and the Melli Bank in the development of iron ore concentrate and pelleting units alongside the Sangan Khaf mines has been very positive and fruitful.

Steel producers in Iran

Efforts to build steel-making infrastructure in Khorasan province. This action given the rich resources of iron ore in this region, are very effective, necessary and will add value to our country’s inventories. Of course, employment before export.

Fortunately, now the production of steel ingot and steel products along with the production of middle products such as sponge iron in Iran has been very developed. In addition to the development of the production sector, we can promote the export these products with aim of creating added value on iron ore extracted. Also we will support the youth employment of our country.

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