rebar manufacturers dealers in 2020

Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits. Due to the limited length of rebars available in the market and also to prevent their discarding, we often have to use rebar patches.  If the presence of joints is unavoidable, these joints should be placed in sections where the stress on the member or concrete piece is not maximum and the concentration of all patches in one section should be avoided. Therefore, our collection operates as one of the rebar manufacturers dealers in 2020 in the market and offers this product to the market at a favorable price.

rebar manufacturers dealers in 2020

rebar manufacturing process

rebar manufacturing process

Production of rebar by rolling method

Profiles, sheets, rods, angles and ingots are generally called semi-finished industries. There are various methods for making semi-finished products such as rolling, pressing, pulling and forging. In all these methods, the molten steel must first be turned into blocks so that further operations on them are possible. For this purpose, they use two methods.

A) Preparation of blocks in the form

In this method, molten steel is first poured into special containers called ladles and then it is poured into molds called cockles.

B) Preparation of blocks by continuous casting method

In this method, the molten metal is transported to the device by means of ladles. The molten steel is first poured into a divider and then into a container called a freezer, located at the beginning of the block production lines. These dishes are made of copper and are constantly cooled by water. After the molten metal has solidified at the bottom of the freezer, the ball is removed and the frozen metal, under the force of its own weight, is directed towards the lights below it and by them Pulled down.

At the same time, molten steel is constantly added to it from above. There are air conditioners in the rolling tracks that cool the frozen metal. After this step and the forming of the steel, there are cutters that may be in the form of scissors or cut with oxyacetylene gas.

Now the cut blocks that still have the desired temperature can be directed to the next operation. this method is also used to prepare blocks.

In general, the rolling process is the most common method of producing steel products because the final control in this method is precise. In this production method, steel ingots must first be inserted into the furnace and placed at a temperature of 1100 ° C. After the temperature rises, the steel ingots are sent to the production line for rolling. In the rafting stage, the diameter of the ingots decreases, and their length increases during three stages.

Continuous rolling lines are used to produce high quality rebar. In hot rolling rebar, due to the high working temperature and low plastic stress, the ingots can be deformed by continuous passes through the opening between the rolling rollers by rolling machines with medium capacity.

 In the last stage, rolling the reinforcement includes treading this product. The rebars are then cut and packed to a length of 24 or 36 meters. Therefore, rebar distributors produce and market this product with the highest possible quality.

rebar manufacturers traders

rebar manufacturers traders

rebar manufacturers traders should be stored in clean places, free of moisture and harmful substances, away from dust and other wet materials to prevent surface contamination and corrosion and rust. Rebars in the workshop should be separated according to the type of metal and diameter and stored in the workshop.

If there are rebars of the same diameter with different resistances, they should be stored in different places and distinguished from each other by painting the tips of the rebars. Rebars should be separated by type and diameter.

 This means that the soft, semi-hard and hard rebars are each placed in a separate place and each diameter is separated from the other. To do this, you can use four wooden lathes in the floor of the warehouse and place rebars of any type between two of the four lathes. For more information about rebar manufacturer near me, you can visit our site.

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