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World steel slab pricesIron ingot priceIran slab steel price todaySteel billet prices todaySteel stock price

The factors contributing to the change in the price of steel slab per ton are not only the internal market issues of the steel industry, but also the changes in the international market situation, because of the fact that Iran is one of the countries exporting a variety of slabs, billet and Steel ingot.

World steel slab prices

World steel slab prices depend on the change in the supply-to-demand ratio. Reducing this number will result in a bullish swing. On the contrary, this may not always be true, sometimes we have a lot of market, but the profit margin of steelmakers, given the price for upstream products, does not justify a reduction in prices for steel and ingot or finished products. In fact, we can determine the factors beyond the two factors of supply and demand to be effective in determining the price of steel slabs and steel bars.

Iron ingot price

Iron ingot price in the global indexes of prices is often announced delivery of fob Iran, fob cis countries, fob China, ship delivery in Brazil, delivery of cfr ports of the UAE, cfr of Egypt, fob of India and the United States. Because these countries are the most important sources of supply of these products or the most important export destinations in the world market.

Iran slab steel price today

The price of steel slab per ton in Iran, due to the fact that a significant amount of slab and steel production is sold in the export sector, will naturally be effective in global prices and conditions. Recently (we are currently on May 6, 2019), the trend of price changes for Iran’s steel slabs and billets has been on the upside. Because we have cut supply from China.

Steel billet prices today

In the Steel Stock Exchange, the bloom of Khuzestan steel is being offered. And the basis for determining the price of upstream products such as sponge iron. Approximately 50% of the bloom ingot rate in the stock exchange is about the approximate price of sponge iron.

Steel stock price

The steel stock is the place where the final products of the steel industry are made, as well as even upstream mid-range products such as iron ore. The frequency of supply of middle and upstream products, such as iron ore and pellets or sponge iron, is often less than the final products. Of course, it should be noted that often the rate offered on stock exchanges is often different from that of a free market. For information about the inventory list and the price list for Simurgh Iron and Steel Co., you can contact the sales department of the company through the following links.

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