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price of steel billet 5sp/ps

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Types of steel ingotsSteel billets 5spBloom IngotSteel billet price Iran
price of steel billet 5sp/ps

The price of steel billet 5sp/ps is announced with a slight difference in stock market and free market. Bloom ingots are the most commonly used form of steel billets available on stock exchanges. Bloom steel prices are the benchmark for pricing some of the steel products on the stock exchange.

Types of steel ingots

Bloom ingot is one of a variety of steel ingots of the same shape as the physical steel billet, with a smaller cross-sectional width. Bloom Ingots are used to make final steel products, such as beam steel, span and steel cans, etc. And has a cross section of about 230 cm2. Bloom & Billet Ingots are based on the chemical composition of grades 3sp, 4sp, 5sp, ck45, st52 and st37.

Steel billets 5sp

You can see the analysis of steel billet 5sp/ps below. The 5sp ingot has a carbon content and manganese content above 3sp. Due to lower alloying elements in steel billets 3sp, this type of ingot has a higher flexibility. It is more suitable for construction of structures requiring more flexibility.

Bloom Ingot

The latest price of 5sp / ps steel billet in the free market ranges from 42500 to 43000 Rials for April 7, 2019. The difference in price between 5sp steel billets and steel billets 3sp is due to differences in physical characteristics and mechanical properties, which is often around 200 rials.

Steel billet price Iran

The price of steel billet manufacturers in iran in the new stock market is announced today on April 9, 2019. The price is stated at 32559 Rials. Upon the announcement of the price in the stock exchange, the day’s price in the stock market and the free market, informed the cherished buyers on the front page of the official site of the Simurgh iron and steel company. As you can see, there is a significant fluctuation in the price of bullion in the free market, given the recent fluctuations of prices in the global market.

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Simorgh Azerbaijan invite you for buy the best iron and steel.

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