price of iron ore pellets vs fines

The price of iron ore pellets vs. fines is according to the shipping costs, plus the global rate of pellets and iron ore. Logistics costs from Iran are often higher than the global rate, so the fob price of iron ore pellets vs fines is lower than the global standard.

Iron ore index

Iron Ore Market Now that we are on April 17, 2019, there are two major shocks to iron ore supply. The events that caused a significant reduction in the sale of iron ore from poison have been the largest exporters of these products, Brazil and Australia. These shocks suggest an uptrend price of iron ore pellets vs fines for experts.

Iron ore prices chart 2019

The upshot of the iron ore price chart is below.

Iron ore prices chart 2019

The current price of iron ore in mid-April 2019 has crossed the $ 90 limit for purity of 62%. This uptrend has begun since the collapse of the brazilian dam broken out and was aggravated by the storm of Veronica. From the time of the incident of the vale company in brazil, the trend was also expected by experts.

Iron ore pellets price today

According to the latest Metal Bulletin, iron ore price on the global market is estimated at 127.5 dollars. 127.5 dollars for the purity of 65 percent of the product. This price is April 12 at the Metal Bulletin Daily on April 17. The iron ore price for delivery of Iranian ports for the same date is $ 91.4.

Iron ore pellets manufacturers

Exports duty on iron ore pellets from Iran to various countries where China is ranked among the top importers of iron ore in terms of annual purchases. We declare Iran fob prices above. We would like to draw your attention to the fob prices of other countries for the same rate of 65%. The fob prices of other countries can be seen below:

  • Brazil iron ore pellets prices: : US $ 114.1
  • Indian iron ore pellet prices: US $ 106.2
  • Also CIS iron ore pellet price: 97.4 US dollars / ton

As you can see, there is a significant price difference between the fob price of Iran and other countries, because of the high shipping costs of Iran. Which is now around $ 29.


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