Premium steel slab to export

As you know, the world slab market is somewhat limited and around 2 million tons of slab is traded annually. Hormozgan Steel Factory in our country is known for its slab production, which regularly exports this product to Southeast Asian countries such as Taiwan, Thailand and India, but according to published statistics, Iranian slabs are exported even to European countries. For more information on Premium steel slab to export, visit our site.

Premium steel slab to export

Is Premium steel slab in high demand?

Is Premium steel slab in high demand? In addition, according to the statistics received, slab exports increased approximately 40 times this year, surprising everyone. If we want to explain the properties of slabs, we can say that this product is one of the steel products produced as semi-finished products (intermediate rolled steel products) that can be transformed into a final product. in one or more steps. It should also be said that when it comes to the differences between this product and billet, ingots and blooms, the plates differ from these products only in terms of cross-sectional dimensions and shape.

This product, also known as slab and stripping in Iran, unlike blooms and billets, is not square but rectangular in shape and has a cross sectional area that usually reaches 230 mm in thickness. Also, the plate is 1.25 meters wide and 12 meters long. This product is also used in the manufacture of steel sheet, plate and .. Plates are also one of the intermediate products used by some steel mills and used in sheet metal production. As mentioned earlier, Khuzestan Steel is one of the largest slab or slab producers in our country, producing about 2.2 million tons of blab and billet annually, corresponding to 1.3 million tons of this product.

The only minor issue with the flooring is that it is very difficult to cut as it is about 25 cm thick. For this reason, machines with special facilities should be used to cut this product. It should not be forgotten that billets and slabs are the brands of 22 steel products used in the manufacture of various profile and steel products. In addition, the great importance and application of this product in various sectors has led to the compliance of international standards in the production of this product since the 1st year and therefore to increase the quality of slabs and to market this product abroad. He was also found in the country. For more information on steel slab design visit our site.

Exporting Premium steel slab in bulk

Exporting Premium steel slab in bulk Exporting Premium steel slab in bulk to European and Asian countries is possible by our collection. Therefore, for more information about steel slab prices, visit our site.

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